Alice In Chains

Stoneghost - New Age Of The Old Ways

The term "relentless facemelting riffmasters" is probably overused, but with 'New Age Of Old Ways', it has found a home.  Stoneghost are not afraid to draw inspiration from the whole breadth of heavy music, and appear to have mastered the art of pulling an idea but not becoming it, in short, these guys are damn good.

Pearl Jam - Lightning Bolt

I have been eagerly waiting for this album, as a person who has been on the Pearl Jam journey since they started, it’s with pure emotion that I recall moments of my history with Pearl Jam as the soundtrack.  There are different kinds of bands, and I’m not talking about genres or styles, I’m talking about what is at their core, and at Pearl

Download Festival 2013 Review: Tales From The Pit (Lane) - Part Two

Having covered the trials and tribulations of arriving at Donington straight from the end of the working week, learning ones way around the village and most importantly seeing a few bands (read day one's report if you missed it), day two of Download was then upon our roving reporter. Over to you once again Mr Gillies....

Alice In Chains - The Devil Put The Dinosaurs Here

I was born into grunge, not in the physical sense – that would be just weird, but the grunge era was where I cut my musical teeth, where I explored my teenage years, the time I realised that cider gets you drunk really quick.  The scattered memories from that time strongly include Alice in Chains, they helped formed the soundtrack to my reb