Killswitch Engage

Killswitch Engage - Incarnate

McDonalds or Burger King (other fast food is available), Coke or Pepsi (other cola flavoured they aren't!), Howard or Jesse. Three examples of arguments between something inherently similar but with easily identifiable distinctions. Everyone has a favourite, but most are happy to settle for the other if needs be.

Killswitch Engage Return With Amazing New Single Strength Of The Mind

Killswitch Engage. The band that arguably gave birth to what we now call metalcore, and one of the primary inspirations behind so many modern bands on both sides of the Atlantic that we've lost count. Now Jesse, Adam and the boys are back to show them all how it's done once again with a brand new single and music video.

Rachel Does Download 2014 - Saturday Review

After an incredibly heavy night in The Doghouse (which mostly resulted in Jamie screaming TUNE after every song) and back at camp, we woke a little weary but ready for action after a delicious breakfast a la Steve*.

(* For those not in the know, this is Vodka and Orange- I do not recommend it.)

Download Festival 2014 Review - Day Two Saturday

Day 2 of Download had lots to offer for the Metal-heads – particularly on a Metalcore front and for those who like it on the extreme side. There was plenty in store for the rockers too across the stages and, of course, the highly anticipated performance of Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory in full!