At the forefront of heavy metal since their formation, Metallica have recently celebrated their 30th anniversary as a band and along with their british counterparts Iron Maiden, are arguably one of the two biggest heavy metal bands currently active today.

Regularly to be found headlining festivals all over the world, particularly in recent years on their "escape from the studio" summer vacations, Metallica can pull a rock and metal crowd like few other bands on the planet.The current lineup has been together now for almost ten years, with bassist Robert Trujillo hitting his personal Metallica tenth anniversary next year alongside founder members Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield and long time guitarist Kirk Hammett.

Certain releases from the band have split their fanbase or in the case of one specific recent collaboration album, united the fanbase in horror. That side project aside, Metallica are still regarded as a metal force and the majority of the metal world is eagerly awaiting the follow up to their last proper album, 2008's Death Magnetic.

With both band and several releases from the band (particularly Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets and The Black Album - which is due to be played in it's entirety at several festivals during the summer of 2012) featuring in more top band, album and song lists than one could possibly count, Metallica's influence over several generations of metal fans is enormous and shows no signs of lessening any time soon.

Iron Maiden & Metallica "By Request" Announced To Headline 2014 UK Sonisphere Festival At Knebworth

It's the news that brought the Sonisphere website to it's knees, yes my friends, it was the eager awaited announcement of Iron Maiden & Metallica (by request) as the first headliners at the 2014 Sonisphere Festival!

Lars had the following to say on the whole affair:

Metallica To Play The Black Album In Its Entirety At Sonisphere Spain

Some metal festival news to bring readers on a Sunday morning: After the fantastic Download Festival 2012 announcements so far everyone wants to know what Sonisphere have got up their sleeve. Well some Sonisphere news has been revealed, but unfortunately (from a UK perspective) not for Knebworth.