Shadows Fall

Killswitch Engage - Incarnate

McDonalds or Burger King (other fast food is available), Coke or Pepsi (other cola flavoured they aren't!), Howard or Jesse. Three examples of arguments between something inherently similar but with easily identifiable distinctions. Everyone has a favourite, but most are happy to settle for the other if needs be.

Hell On Earth Tour Review From the Hairy Dog Derby

A clammy Wednesday night in Derby at the beginning of September can mean only one thing – Hell On Earth! Well I’m sure there are other things it could mean, but on Wednesday 3rd September 2014 it was the Hell On Earth Tour featuring, for the last time on British soil for a while, Shadows Fall.

Shadows Fall Announce Current Tour To Be Last UK & European Trip, Band To Go On Hiatus

Currently on the road with their long time brothers in metal Unearth, amongst others, Massachusetts NWOAHM veterans Shadows Fall have announced that the Hell On Earth tour on which they are currently appearing will be the band's last full trip to both the UK and Europe as a whole. 

Anthrax Announce Worship Music Special Edition, Temporary Replacement Guitarist

Thrash legends and members of the big four, Anthrax are set to release a special edition of their 2009 comeback smash hit album Worship Music. The special edition will feature an editional "Anthems" covers E.P that sees Anthrax covering legendary bands such as AC/DC, Boston and Journey.