Interview with Blake Meahl of Huntress

It's the 18th January 2014, Lamb of God are at the O2 Academy Brixton in London with Huntress and Decapitated, it's going to be a special night. So we sent Fran Dignon to meet up with Blake Meahl of Huntress before the show. Fran is also a kick ass photographer so we made sure she had a photopass too, you can check out Huntress Live Through The Lens! Not forgetting that we had Jay Alexander on the scene to fill us in on the nights highs and low, read the review of the Lamb Of God Live at Brixton.

So firstly, how has this tour been so far?

Simply, it’s been amazing really.

Any real stand out nights?

Erm, a handful, Newcastle and Leeds were insane, Glasgow they always go crazy there, Southampton, the first show was so much fun, it’s really just been a wild ride.

Reckon the last few dates have a chance of topping that?

Anything’s possible (laughs).

You’ve toured with Lamb of God before so how is it being back on tour with those guys, as well as Decapitated?

It’s been awesome, I mean it’s the best thing in the world to do multiple legs of a tour with the same band. We got to do the same thing with Dragonforce last year and you just become such good friends and those guys are so cool. So with Lamb of God it’s been a blast, you already have a relationship with these people that you’re travelling with.

You’re doing a small run of headline shows in Europe pretty much straight after this tour, excited for those?

Yeah, I reckon they’ll be really fun.

How do shows like that in Europe compare to shows back in the US for you guys?

Not as different as you would expect actually, the clubs are a lot different, they all have funnier dressing rooms and showers, they’re pretty well taken care of which is cool but I’ve been impressed and I wasn’t expecting Europe to be as fanatic about Lamb of God as they are, it’s true man, they’re crazy.

It’s also been announced that you guys will be back over here in the summer for Download festival, are you excited to be playing the festival again?

Yeah last year was cool and can’t wait to be back.

What can people expect from you guys if they were to catch you at Download?

Getting your teeth kicked in by five people playing real instruments and not faking it, there’s no tracks, there’s no samples, nothing to play along with, it’s straight up heavy metal.

So moving on to albums, obviously it’s only been about half a year since your second album Starbound Beast was released, but have you started work on anything new yet?

Oh yeah, well we managed to get our first record out in 2012 and our second in ‘13, so we really have our finger crossed to pull off ’14. We had a month off between the last tour and this one, so I spent most nights trying to get new material together.

What’s the writing and recording process like for you guys? Do you write at all on tour or wait till your back home in your own space?

Really, I wish I could write on tour, but it’s just so hard. We’re in a van together, there’s not a lot of space or time, especially when we’re in Europe, it’s so exciting to be over here, as a kid being in bands all I wanted to do was come over to Europe and the UK, so if I have a spare couple hours, it’s so hard not to just go exploring the town instead of just stay in the dressing room trying to write riffs for the next record.

Last year was pretty big for you guys, you had your second album, not to mention some killer tours and festivals so sum it up in just three words for us.

Erm, ho-ly-shit (laughs).

You’ve got to make this year live up to it now, you’ve got a few festivals announced and obviously possible new album, so final question, how are you going to make this year great?

Just make the record that great I guess.

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