Interview with Brad Marr of Massive

Here at Scribes we like to champion up & coming UK talent, to really give a boost to the UK music scene - at other times we say balls to that and head over to the opposite side of the planet for our kicks!  We managed to grab some time with the axe wielding, son of Australia - Brad Marr of Massive.  

From everything we hear about the OZ music industry, the similarities to the UK are massive (clever....), with bands that should be climbing the stairs to arena stages, being stuck in a cycle of local tours and smaller venues.  It seems that Massive are bucking the trend though and are climbing the ranks of rock stardom, and damn right too! You can also check out our review of the new Massive album - Destination Somewhere!

Following the huge success of Full Throttle, if you had to name ‘the most memorable’ moment since its release in July 2014 what would that be?

The Blackberry Smoke tour is still, to date, my favourite tour we've been a part of. Those guys are the ultimate professionals and all round great dudes. On the last night they asked us if we would join them for the encore. A packed house in Sweden we ripped out Highway to Hell and for me that was a perfect way to end a tour and 2 months of madness driving around the continent.

Full Throttle catapulted the band around the globe – with the new album being called ‘Destination Somewhere’, where is the ‘somewhere’ you are looking forward to going to this time around?

Our bags are packed. Somewhere is wherever this rock n roll thing takes us. We love touring and this is something we want to do for the rest of our lives. So wherever the hell it may be, we will be there instruments in hand ready to smash it.

The new album brings in a few new influences, replacing some of the sleaze with grungy alt-rock goodness, was this a conscious decision or just a natural progression for the band?

The songs off Full Throttle were written almost 4 years ago now. Myself and Jarrod had no idea what we were doing, just that we wanted to make rock n roll music. Since then we have toured relentlessly and experienced things you don't experience outside of being a touring band. In that time we've grown as people and as musicians so naturally our writing style has progressed as have our influences. We now have a story to tell as a band.

Destination Somewhere keeps up the tradition of the Massive high octane feel, but I detect a change in beverage with this album from Lager to Bourbon? Are the bluesy, southern rock tracks (ala Beaten Dog/Sinking Ship) influenced by drink choice?

Haha, nicely observed. I don't think we've ever been tied down to a drink though. If its free on our rider or if it's your shout then we're all for it, be it beer, bourbon or wine. Sinking Ship was actually written about the time we toured Tasmania. We caught a 10 hour boat ride there and we're buying bottles of wine like they were beers. Needless to say, the boat security did not put up with us for very long.

If the Massive story ended with this album, what one track from ‘Destination Somewhere’ would you like the band to be remembered for and why? (Not that we’re gonna let you go anywhere!)

The title track, Destination Somewhere is the song that represents who we are. It defines us. We are the guys who will travel a thousand miles for a gig. We're the guys that don't give excuses, we have nothing to lose. I hope there are many many more albums but I'm proud of this song and feel it's the song we will go back to in years to come and still feel it is relevant to us.

You’re well known for enjoying a good party, where in the world parties hardest?

There's no secret that we enjoy a couple of quiet beers every now and then. Germany and Belgium sure know how to look after a band that's for sure. I'd like to say a city in the UK but a lot of those parties rolled into each other. There was one night in... Colchester? Perhaps? Anyway we made friends after the gig and went back to someones house. Nice house. Not sure if we were actually invited? Don't remember much but woke up in the morning to find pictures and videos of me eating a bucket of fried chicken while necking a full bottle of wine? I also woke up with a pocket full of pennies, hair clips and a pair of nail clippers and a second hand acoustic guitar. And Aidan, our bass player was missing. Happens a fair bit.

After I heard the album I wanted to create a new genre called “Outback Groove Rock”, if you could create a new genre for the band what would that be?

Hmmm, throwing out the hard questions here. Driving Rock? We're still fast paced, but I think we have that cruising sort of feel on this album. This is an album I think is served best in your car stereo on an open road at 90 miles living life, whereas the first album was best served with a shot of Jack Daniels and a hangover the next morning.

You’re one of Australia’s finest exports in recent years, if you could see one truly OZ thing become a worldwide phenomenon – what would that be?

Can I say us? haha, No one else would understand our Aussie Rules football, I've noticed you can find Vegemite in most countries, you can't find Tim tam chocolates but there's rip off versions. So I'm going to say the current Australian local music scene. I like to prop up our music scene as much as possible because I feel it's under appreciated here so it rarely gets a chance to voice itself overseas. In the 80's Aussie rock was huge and the big ones made it to the world scene. Now there's world class bands playing in local pubs to small crowds and they would absolutely smash the festival circuits. I want to see Aussie rock be a genre and not just just AC/DC and the bands that follow that sound but the whole undercard of rock n roll that never gets heard.

If you could have any musician join you on stage to perform a cover of your choice – who would that be and what would you be playing?

I'd gladly hand over my guitar to Slash to rip out some Mr Brownstone, or Jimmy Page to rock Ramble on, Joe Perry to smash out some Back in the Saddle. Just because these are the people that make me love rock n roll.

Mick Dundee or Steve Irwin?

Steve, because he was real.

Kangaroo or Koala?

Kangaroo, because well, koalas don't do very much.

Kylie or Danni?

Kylie, because she has more money? Or Danni because shes younger? In what context am I basing my choice of Minogue sister? Kylie is more successful so I'll pick Danni because shes the underdog...

Opera House or Uluru?

Uluru is a big rock in a desert and sure it's magnificently big and has cultural significance... It's still just a rock in the desert. Opera House because it's easier to get to.

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