An Interview With Breathe In The Silence - Red Bull Studios Download 2014 Finalists

In the final hours of the Redbull Download Festival Competion, we caught up with the guys from Breathe In The Silence to find out how the competition has affected them as a band, what experiences they've had and also why you should give them your vote! The plucky lads from Wales are following a huge musical outpouring and hope to step into their fellow ValleyCore success stories shoes!

It must be quite a feeling to have made the Top 15 in Red Bulls Download Contest, can you put into words what that's like?

It's an unreal feeling, the prospect of playing download is really driving us as a band. Obviously there is a chance that we will not claim the prize, but the Red Bull Studios experience and the exposure from being in the opportunity has been absolutely amazing. It has definitely pushed us as a band, and got us a lot of recognition as a serious band!

How was the experience of your week working with Red Bull & time at Red Bull Studios?

It was an amazing experience and we can't thank all of the people who were there enough. There was a lot of professional experience we gained, as it was the first time we'd ever done a live performance recording and also a video interview.
Meeting the guys in They Say Fall and Vanity Draws Blood was a pleasure, they're all really cool guys and definitely deserve to go far regardless of this competition.
And finally, the Don Broco boys are really down to earth and were absolute stars in the studio!
Thanks again to Red Bull Studios for this opportunity!

Was recording in the Red Bull Studio a special experience?

As a band we are really critical on ourselves and to each other, I suppose it's better that way but when we heard the best take back, we were still not happy with how we performed. By no means did we perform badly, but little things in our performance did get us down a bit.
Apart from that, working with the producer and sweating out in the studio, buzzing off of Red Bull, was definitely an experience we will never forget.

Do you feel you've learned a lot from the whole process of being involved with Red Bull's Download Contest?

We've learnt a lot as individuals and as a band, we've all become very close over this competition and realised that there is a lot more out there than just our local scene. There is a lot of lessons we learnt from talking to the PR guys in the studio that we will take on board for the future. But to be honest, however cliché it may sound, the biggest lessons we've learnt are about each other and ourselves as individuals.

Did you know or were you friends with any of the other finalists before the top 15 was announced?

Nathan knew Bentley Park from when they played the venue he works in (Fuel,Cardiff). Apart from that we didn't know any of the bands in the competition. Big shout out to They Say Fall, Vanity Draws Blood, Create To Inspire, Adelphia, A Mouth Full Of Matches and of course Bentley Park for being top bands!

Wales has been consistently producing some of the UK's most well known rock and metal bands for the last decade (Bullet, Kids In Glass Houses, The Blackout), does that inspire you or make you feel like you have a lot to live up to? Or a bit of both?

Don't forget Funeral For A Friend guys! The lead singer is originally from Maesteg where we are all based! We do feel that there is a chance for us because of the big names that have come out of the area. We collectively have met a lot of the people in the bands and they've all been very kind towards us and just tell us to keep pushing ourselves!

Because of all the bands that have emerged from Wales in recent years is there a strong local scene where you guys come from?

The local scene is very strong all around Wales, there is a lot of love for local bands and we really appreciate all the support that we have been given from the scene we're in. We have made so many lifetime friends from the Welsh music scene, and we wouldn't be here now without the unfathomably awesome people in it.

This past week must be like a small piece of what it's like to "make it" - has it made you want to succeed even more?

It's been a very weird couple of weeks in fact, we've had people asking for our photo and for signatures and stuff which for us is very special, but it does feel alien to us. It is a little taste of what making it would feel like, and we have got a massive taste for success after these couple of weeks. We just want to play music as a day job and connect with people!

Finally - why should people vote for you guys and help you to play Download?

You should all vote for us because we are 5 normal guys from the valleys, we want to get to Download to do what we love, get drunk and live a dream we've had for years. This opportunity can send us off in the right direction and get us the right connections! Thanks to all who are supporting us, it means the world!

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