An Interview With Delain's Charlotte Wessels

2014 is set to be a big year for Delain, its been 3 years since the release of their last album 'We are the others' an album which took them to newer heights, and saw them tour extensively. They have used the time away to craft a brand new album 'The Human Contradiction' and they are currently back out on the road supporting Within Temptation across Europe and the UK.

I recently got the chance to have a chat with the band's front woman Charlotte Wessels, about the current feeling in the band, how she feels about the new album, the inspiration behind it and how it feels to be back out on the road with Within Temptation.

How are the current feelings within Delain?

It's good, we've been preparing for the release of the album, preparing for video shoots, the whole circus that goes along with the release of a new album, so it's exciting times. Everything we have been working on for all this time is finally going out into the world, so it's always exciting.

It's a busy time for you guys as well I imagine?

Yeah, it is really busy. The week before the master had to be delivered was twice as busy actually. Even though its quite a hectic time, im still in an excited mood, and excited that we have made it, so this is actually the cool part for us.

How was the writing process for you as a band this time around?

It was actually really positive, we kind of made a decision to take things into our own hands a bit more this time around. With our last record, there was a lot of outside involvement, some of it was positive, but also some of it was really distracting for us. We really wanted to see what would happen if we took an inward turn and took the writing and recording process into our own hands, we basically only went to third parties when we thought we or the album needed it. We also had a very pressing time schedule, so the pressure was there from the start, but I find inspiration comes better when you are relaxed, so we didn't want to sit down and write to force it, it was more to write and see whatever happens, happens and I find that the best stuff comes out that way, for us the only pressure was the time pressure from the beginning.

The new album is titled 'The Human Contradiction and it takes its name from a book I believe, did the book serve as inspiration for the songs on the album as well?

The title 'The Human Contradiction' as a title and if you research it, is about otherness, and the same with 'We are the others' and was very prominent in the song 'We are the others' and the story of Sophie Lancaster, the whole subject of otherness and how we relate to that as humans. It's not something that is a subject of a song and then we move on, this is something I spent some time studying, and when I saw this title in a book, I felt it tied together very well, a lot of topics which are present in the lyrics. Human Contradiction is explained in the book as the two qualities of intelligence versus hierarchy, and basically that we place one above the other, with an us versus them mentality, and this theme is present in some of the of the songs, and it is very much about us as human beings and how we respond to that, and to each other. The song 'Stardust' is very much inspired by the first book in the trilogy, so its not so much a concept album, but the album is definitely influenced by themes in the book, and there are references to it.

Was it important for you to scale back some of the guest appearances this time around, to create an album that really represents Delain as a band?

For me, my mind is occupied with other things when I am writing the lyrics and writing bits and pieces. We are less afraid to do different things now, when we wrote April Rain for example, we thought we shouldn't have as many guest appearances on that because we felt we had to establish ourselves and get our name out there, because the album before it Lucidity was more of a project with us and other musicians. We have grown a lot as a band, and that has given us the confidence to do what comes naturally to us, learning from the experiences on the last couple of albums, we took that and this is the real Delain I feel.

You are touring Europe and the UK shortly after the release of the album alongside Within Temptation. Are you looking forward to getting back out on the road and tour again?

Definitely. Especially with Within Temptation, because there is such a special relationship between Delain and Within Temptation. We have toured with them before, which was amazing. If that experience is anything to go by then we are in for an amazing tour, and lastly the venues they are playing and we are playing are huge, this is real bucket list stuff with some of these venues that we are getting to play now.

Lastly, do you have any closing comments out there for your fans?

I hope they enjoy the album and I hope to see some of them very very soon. The support they have given us over the years and that they continue to give us is very much appreciated, we would just like to say thank you.

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