Interview With Goat Leaf

There are very few opportunities for smaller bands to get in front of festival crowds, but chances do exist, one being the Metal To The Masses competition. Goat Leaf were this years front runners and snagged the hotly sought after opening slot on the New Blood stage at Bloodstock 2014.   We're grateful to the guys for taking a fe minutes out of very busy week and talking to Scribes Of Metal.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us! For anyone who doesn't know Goat Leaf, could you give us a brief introduction to yourselves?

It's our pleasure. We reformed Goat Leaf after a 15 year hiatus in 2010. We have tended to allow others to label our style, to us it's simply rock music.

You're talked about as a return to "original heavy", as in stacks of amps creating a wall of sound. Is being true to the past something you try and factor in to your gigs?

We try to use as much of our own gear as possible at any gig we play, it's part of our identity and more importantly we want to give the audience a true projection of our music.

This is probably a ridiculous question, but how much are you guys looking forward to Bloodstock?

We can't wait. To be the band to kick the whole thing off is great! We have the rest of the day to enjoy the festival with shit eating grins on our faces.

If it feels good you do it… and then you do it some more, right? Is this the general band mantra?

It's the only one you can print. We love to get a groove and just go with it.

Does it make it all the more satisfying to be on the line-up having fought your way through the Metal to the Masses contest against some of your local peers?

Metal to the Masses was never a competition to us, it was an opportunity. We are just happy to have given the Sheffield crowd a good time and will always be thankful for the belief we can hold our own at Bloodstock.

Are there any bands you particularly want to try and catch or that you're especially looking forward to at BOA aside from your own performance?

Down for sure. Stone the Crow has been a regular on the stereo when we tour. Can't wait.

It sounds as though the Yorkshire rock and metal scene is quite alive at the moment - can you tell our readers about the Tramlines weekender and how it went for you guys playing three times over the weekend?

Tramlines has been on our calendar for 3 years now, it's a chance to catch local bands playing in some excellent venues for free. We headlined on the Friday to a packed Dove and Rainbow and then twice on Saturday, headlining at The Red House. All very sweaty and satisfying!

Then come the end of the year you're headlining the second stage on the Winter Rocks festival. That must be a very cool thing to do on home turf, you guys must be looking forward to it?

The Corporation is one of our favourite venues in our area. It will be the last gig of a short British tour for us, so it's going to be one for the diary for sure.

To finish off, have you got any funny stories you can tell us from recent gigs or your time on the road? (It can be as innocent or as incriminating as you like!)

We would love to, but being a band of gentlemen we could never tell you!

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