Interview with Jarle Kvale of Vreid

You’ve toured your new album across many different countries for a long time now, 85 shows across 15 countries in fact. Where of those places was your favourite to play?
It’s hard to say – we’ve been to so many places and had so many good experiences. But of course, playing Wacken Festival is always fantastic. I think when we toured India, that was really strange and something completely different, so that was the one thing that made the strongest impact on me. I also have to mention that being able to tour the UK with Paradise Lost was a highlight for me, as I’ve been a fan of their music for so many years.
Yeah, they’re a really influential band. Your sound has progressed quite a bit across your five albums. Are you pleased with this overall progression?
Absolutely. I don’t really look back very much at what we’ve done, as I’m a person that always looks ahead to the project I’m doing at the time. But I think there’s been a red line in our music and development, and we’re always searching for new things. The last album had so many good things for us, so I’m satisfied with that.
Who do you cite as your main influences? Or have you gained them along your musical journey?
For me it’s kind of three periods of time that are important with music. The 70’s with Kiss and Alice Cooper; the 80’s with Metallica and Death; and the 90’s with Burzum and Dark Throne. So I kind of swing between all those periods all the time. I think that is kind of reflected in our music, and the atmosphere of it which is based in Norwegian black metal. It’s the kind of song structure and groove that are more thrash and 70’s rock oriented.
Some people would say that black metal has become a lot more diverse in recent years. What’s your opinion on that?
I think it has, if you can still call it black metal. I don’t know how to define black metal any more, but when you look at the bands that started out playing black metal, I think most of them have gone in different directions. So in that sense, it’s progressed and turned into something else. There still are bands playing more within the frames of old black metal bands, but for me black metal is more about a spirit of wanting great music, rather than copying what black metal was back in the day.
I understand this is the final show in the ‘V’ touring cycle. Have you got anything special planned for tonight?
Yeah, we’re going to present a new song from our upcoming album, and also we are bringing in some guests for the show. We have Ese joining us, our former guitar player, and we’re going to play a song we’ve never played in the UK before with him. And we’re also bringing in Vegard Bakken, who is Valfar’s brother, who founded Windir, our first band. So for the first time in the UK, we’re going to present some Windir songs.
After tonight’s show, what is next for Vreid? I understand you are working on a new album?
Yeah, last week we finished mixing the album. We started working on the recording in April, and during the summer and autumn we’ve been finishing recording and mixing. So now we’re working on the artwork and video content then taking a three month break. Then all hell breaks loose again in February when we release the new album.
Jarle, thank you very much for your time and I look forward to the show.

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