An Interview with Kerrie & Luke From Vanity Draws Blood - Red Bull Studios Download 2014 Finalists

As we approach the last six hours of the 2014 Red Bull Studios contest to play the Download Festival things couldn't be closer. Scribes has caught up with Kerrie and Luke from Surrey metal outfit Vanity Draws Blood, who are one of the bands aiming to realise their dreams of a spot on the Donington stages next month. Here's their view on their Red Bull experiences and one or two other things as well:

It must be quite a feeling to have made the Top 15 in Red Bulls Download Contest, can you put into words what that's like?

Kerrie, Vocalist - Emotional to say the least, we are still struggling to get our heads round this whole experience. Being recognised for something that we are extremely passionate about is overwhelming and we aim to give more then we ever had to prove we deserve this shot.

How was the experience of your week working with Red Bull & time at Red Bull Studios?

Kerrie, Vocalist - As soon as we walked through the doors at Red Bull Studios we were greeted by such nice people who made us feel welcome and at ease.
It was exciting to have a glimpse into the industry and meet people who are driven by the music that artists make. We felt absolutely honoured to be part of this experience and couldn't thank Red Bull Studios Live At Download for this opportunity enough.

Was recording in the Red Bull Studio a special experience?

Luke, Guitarist - Recording at Red Bull Studios gave us a chance to experience what it is like to be at a high level in the music industry. It has raised the bar in terms of what we are aiming for and want to achieve with our musical career. In the run up to going to the studio, we found it daunting knowing we would be going to such a prestigious location. However, once we arrived and met everyone we were able to relax and do what we do best, play the music that we are so passionate about and most importantly have fun whilst doing it.

Do you feel you've learned a lot from the whole process of being involved with Red Bull's Download Contest?

Luke, Guitarist - We have come away with a clearer insight into the music industry and how it works. Preperation is the key and from the experience we got from being at Red Bull Studios, if we want it that badly we need to be prepared to work for it and give everything we have to prove we have what it takes to make it in the industry.

Did you know or were you friends with any of the other finalists before the top 15 was announced?

Luke, Guitarist - We did not know any of the final bands. During our day at Red Bull Studios we got to meet They Say Fall and Breathe In The Silence. They are all great guys and it was a pleasure to hang out with them all for the day. Everyone was so humbled to just get the opportunity to be at the Studio that it really felt like it wasn't a competition at all. This kind of respect for one another is what makes everything we do so worth while, it shows that at the end of the day its not about how good you think you are or how amazing you think your band is, its all about the music and everyone being there for the same reason.

What's the scene like in Surrey where you've come from?

Kerrie, Vocalist - The metal scene in Surrey has grown dramatically in the past few years and so many brilliant bands are surfacing. It's like a large extended family, we all know each other and support one another. In my opinion some of the most exciting music I have heard is by bands local to us.

This past week must be like a small piece of what it's like to "make it" - has it made you want to succeed even more?

Kerrie, Vocalist - I think I can speak for everyone when I say we have already exceeded our expectations of how far this band will go. Red Bull Studios Live At Download has injected the band with a new thirst. If anything it's made us appreciate our fans, friends and family for supporting us when we needed them most. We are determined to make them proud and regardless of whether we play Download or not we promise to give more then we ever had before.

Finally - why should people vote for you guys and help you to play Download?

Kerrie, Vocalist - For as long as I can remember we have imagined what it would be like to play Download, a festival that we visit yearly, watching bands we idolise. Being this close is incredible and with the public backing us our dream is reachable. Our passion extends into everything we do within the band and I hope that our music inspires the public to get behind us. The support has be unbelievable so far and we are so grateful.

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