Interview With Matt Bachand of Shadows Fall

It's the 3rd of September, in Derby at a small venue called the Hairy Dog. Daniel King was there to reviewing the Hell On Earth Tour and to Interview Matt Bachand, gutarist of Shadows Fall. Read the interview right here to clear up any debate about the future of Shadows Fall and to find out more about what makes Shadows Fall tick!

Thanks for joining me outstide The Hairy Dog in Derby. How’s the tour going so far?

It’s been great. Every show has been fun. We’ve done a few festivals and few smaller club shows like this one.

I was surprised as this place seems much smaller than some shows you’ve done before...

Yeah, but it’ll be great. I feel like we’re more comfortable in an environment like this than in a bigger setting. It seems to suit the style of music better.

This tour Is pretty varied. On top of you guys you’ve got Pay No Respect who are hardcore, The Acacia Strain’s deathcore. Have there been any strange crowds?

No not at all. Everyone’s been really, really cool. It’s actually been really interesting for us too because there’s us, The Acacia Strain and Unearth. We’re all from the same town so, you know, it’s just like we’re doing a local gig back home. Everyone’s getting along great and the shows have been great. I haven’t noticed anything odd.

That’s how you want it to be really. Proper music fans.

I think that now, especially heavy music fans, have become more open minded than they were 15 years ago. Back in the day you couldn’t mix metal with anything, you know. But now it’s so open ended. It’s entertainmen, right? It’s supposed to be fun. It’s not supposed to be aggressive and weird, it’s supposed to be a good time.

If you don’t like it don’t watch it?

Yeah! And that’s fine, that’s cool. There’s a lot of shit I don’t like, but I’m not gonna pick on you for liking it.

So 16 shows in 16 days….

I think it’s more than that now. I think it’s 19 in 19 days now.

Is it tough doing that many gigs in a row?

Well it can be. It’s tough and it’s tiring, but I prefer doing this. I mean, I get bored real easy and, you know, what else am I gonna do in the days inbetween? Sit in a hotel room? I’d rather be out here. Every once in a while it’s nice to have a day off and you get tired. I mean, maybe a week from now I’ll be saying something a completely different thing.

Do you still get excited by shows now or is it mostly just going through the motions now?

I definitely still get excited. A lot of the time it is going through the motions – you load in at this time, you set up the gear, it’s the same every day. Often you play the same songs, but it’s still fun because the crowds are different. There’s different people every day and you get a different reaction. You never know if they’re just gonna stand there and stare at you or if they’re gonna be jumping off the ceiling.

On to what everyone is talking about – you guys are packing it in in the next year.

Well, I wouldn’t call it packing it in. The bottom line is we’ve got a couple of guys with really young kids, one or two years old, they need to be at home with their families for a while. It’s as simple as that.

You can’t argue with that really can you?

Nah, I mean, we’ve always been notorious for touring for ten months out of the year, everywhere. Two months here, six weeks there. Plus with Jon playing with Anthrax we’ve gotta walk around them a little bit. It’s become harder over the years, but we’re not packing it in by any stretch of the imagination. You’ll probably see us at Download Festival and you might see us here and there but there will be no two month straight, on the road tours.

It’s your twenty year anniversary in 2016. Do you think you’ll do anything for it, or does that all depend on the guys?

We might. That all depends on the guys with the kids. I can’t sit around and just wait for that. I’ve got to look for something. I still love to travel and I still love to do this, so whether it’s setting up something new or it’s hooking up with a band that’s already around I dunno. But I’ve gotta keep myself busy. I can’t be upset about people spending time with their kids or playing in fricking Anthrax for goodness sake. I can say my best friend’s in Anthrax. That’s awesome!

Yeah, that’s pretty awesome. A few quick questions to round it off a bit. Best gig?

Best gig? Wow. Ummm…Ozzfest was a lot of fun. Manilla where we filmed the live DVD that was pretty cool. Bogota, Columbia playing to 150,000 people, that was crazy. There’s loads of highs.

How about lows?

There aren’t any where you can just think ‘man that was miserable.’ Oh, except for one. This was a long time ago when we were touring with King Diamond back in 2000. A bunch of the guys went out drinking real early and they were wasted by the time they got back. The drummer back then had to keep his eyes closed cause the glare from the cymbals was making him dizzy. It was just the most miserable show really. It turned out to be ok in the end cause there was some jokey, banter with King Diamond after the show and they just made everything better.

Any tales from tours where things have gone properly wrong or anything like that?

Well getting way too drunk happens sometimes, but not all the time. Some of the end of tour pranks are pretty funny, in fact we’ve had a lot of fun with the Slipknot guys. We’ve been really lucky that pretty much everything we’ve done in the last 18 years has been really great. There hasn’t been anyone that’s been dickish or treated us really poorly. Pretty much everyone we’ve come across has been really great. I know that doesn’t happen to everyone. So yeah, we’ve been pretty lucky.

Have you got any tips for bands that you think could fill your void?

Get a job and don’t do it? No, I dunno man. Persistence is the key. You can’t let any little thing bum you out. Regardless of what you do you can’t think you’re of a certain status because there’s something there to knock you down if you do. One day you’ll be playing Download, next you’ll be playing clubs. But you can’t look at it like ‘people don’t care about us’ because the people that do come out are die hard fans and that’s what really matters, that’s what gets you through. You’ll find it out in the first year or so because the lifestyle is not always easy. The most important thing is don’t give up.

Finally, with your final shows coming up, who do you want supporting you in that last gig?

I think every one of us would have a different answer for that, just because we all listen to such different stuff. If you asked Jon he would tell you Skid Row all day. I’m gonna say Obituary or some death metal bands. Paul’s really into hardcore. Everyone’s all over the place. Really we just want it to be with our friends. Bands we’ve played with before that we’ve had a really good time with.

Great. Well, thanks for taking the time out to have a chat with me. I hope to see you over here again in the not too distant future.

Thanks, I’m sure you will.

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