An Interview With Out For Tomorrow - Red Bull Studios Download 2014 Finalists

The battle to play the 2014 Download Festival as part of the Red Bull Studios contest is reaching it's climax. Fifteen bands started, only six will be guaranteed places on the line-up with the rest at the mercy of the judges for their two wildcard picks. Currently bordering on the Top 6, we caught up with Somerset rockers Out For Tomorrow to find out what it's been like to be part of the process - and also why you should vote for them!

It must be quite a feeling to have made the Top 15 in Red Bulls Download Contest, can you put into words what that's like?

It's an amazing feeling, from hundreds of bands, to be chosen down to the final 15 is insane! Can't thank the judges enough for giving us this opportunity.

How was the experience of your week working with Red Bull & time at Red Bull Studios?

Really exciting, we were all so nervous to begin with, but we got there and everyone was so nice and made us feel really relaxed. It sucked going back to work the next day!

Was recording in the Red Bull Studios a special experience?

Totally this was the first time we'd ever done something like this, so it was all new to us.
I've seen many of my favourite artists in those rooms on youtube so it was a privilege to be there.

Do you feel you've learned a lot from the whole process of being involved with Red Bull's Download Contest?

I'd say we have yes, we've entered the contest the last few years in a row and this is the furthest we've ever got, this opportunity has brought us a lot closer together.

Did you know or were you friends with any of the other finalists before the top 15 was announced?

We know the guys in Adelphia and Chasing Cadence, they're absolutely smashing this contest, we've been routing for them!

You guys are from Somerset, which isn't exactly known as a hotbed of rock and metal in the UK, is there much of a local scene there?

Our little hometown is a bit of an underdog for gigs, we've had bands like Bring Me The Horizon, Skindred, Devil Sold His Soul and Inme all play here, Kids In Glass Houses are playing here next month. There a few promoters round here who work really hard to keep the scene going down here.

This past week must be like a small piece of what it's like to "make it" - has it made you want to succeed even more?

It totally has, this week has really opened our eyes to how many people care about our band. It made us want to push our music and future even more!

Finally - why should people vote for you guys and help you to play Download?

We're a very hard working and honest band that love making music. It would be a dream come true and huge milestone to play Download Festival, so please keep voting for us :)

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