Interview with Paul Figueroa of Crobot at Download Festival

With people describing them as "dirty groove rock", "hard rock", "bluesy rock", it's hard to imagine what to expect with Crobot.

Scribes Of Metal are tipping them as a band with only 'up' to go.  

Daniel King went head to head with durmmer Paul Figueroa at Download to find out what makes these guys tick, their influences and about writing on the road.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me so soon after your set, you came of stage less than an hour ago, how was it?

It was awesome man. We had a great response, the tent we played in was packed out.

Yeah I got there 10 minutes before you went on and as about 5 people back outside the tent.

Oh, no shit. That's awesome.

First appearance at Download, but third in the UK, how does it compare?

Festivals in general are just crazy. There's more people and the whole atmosphere is just different. People are just out here to get crazy and have a good time and it's wet and rainy so that always adds another level to it.

I was a bit worried that the rain was the reason the tent was so full.

If it was then we're totally cool with that. Before we came over we were checking the weather and were like "oh no it's gonna be rainy", but then we remembered we're playing in a tent, so we were like "bring on the rain".

Is the UK becoming a bit of a second home for you guys now, seeing as you've been here three times in under a year?

You know what, I'm totally cool with that if it does. We love it over here, the people are great and we always get a great response.

Personally that was my third time seeing you guys after the tours with The Virginmarys and Black Label Society, is the energy that all four of you guys bring planned or is that just 'how it is'?

That's pretty much how we came together as a band. (Chris) Bishop & Brandon (Yeagley) formed Crobot and me and my brother were in another band, but we played a lot of shows together. We just loved the mutual energy. That's just how we are when we're playing. If you're not out there giving everything, what's the point? What can you expect to get back if you're not willing to put it in?

Does anything or anyone inspire the stage demeanor?

I know that Brandon gets some of his moves from studying James Brown. Other than that, we just like freaking out and having fun.

'Something Supernatural' is getting on for a year old now, it got some great feedback from what I saw?

Yeah, it got some really great feedback and since then our shows have been getting great feedback. We've just finished a tour with Volbeat and Anthrax in the States.

What a tour that is. That needs to come to the UK. I've actually got my Volbeat t-shirt on today.

Ahh sweet. Dude, they are the nicest guys in the world. They are so amazing. Rob Caggiano was the reason we got on that tour. We played a few shows in New York and he would always come out and see us play and then he introduced us to the guys in Anthrax and Volbeat and really brought that tour together. It was a great experience.

I heard you're back in the studio, is that true?

We actually had our first experience of writing on the road with the Volbeat and Anthrax because, you know, we're gonna have to do another album at some point. So yeah, when we get back from this we have a couple of weeks off so we're we're gonna try and hammer out some song ideas. Hopefully at the end of the year we might get some studio time, but who knows?

Suppose it depends what comes up really. There's plenty of stuff off the debut album that you haven't played over here so you can still come back.

Yeah and we just had another addition of the album come out, The Full Moon Howl Edition, which has five tracks that weren't on the original album. So there's a few songs that we haven't played off their much.

Are there any plans to come back over here aside from PlanetRockstock?

We'll be back at the end of the year with Scorpion Child and Buffalo Summer. We haven't gotten the chance to meet the Buffalo Summer guys, but we've heard really good things about them.

Yeah, I've had a chat with the singer, Andrew and he was great. The Cadillac Three had a bit of trouble getting their gear over in time, did you guys manage it?

Chris and Jake (Figueroa) brought their guitars and I brought my sticks. The festival provided the rest which makes it much easier for us. Did someone help The Cadillac Three guys out?

Yeah, Black Stone Cherry gave them their stuff.

Wow! That says a lot about Black Stone Cherry that they let them use their stuff. That says a lot about a band, I know a lot of bands that wouldn't and I can understand that, but that's cool.

So back to Download, was it a festival you were aware of in the States and one that you wanted to play?

Definitely, there's only a couple of European festivals that are talked up in States and Download is one of them so we're really happy to be playing here.

Are you heading out into the arena when you're done here?

Yeah, I'm gonna get out into the crowd. I'm gonna try and sneak my way backstage and see Faith No More.

Sounds good to me. Well thanks very much for doing that and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Thanks dude, no worries. Cheers.

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