Interview With Pay No Respect

Pay No Respect having been gaining a lot of respect recently, so along with reviewing their latest EP, 'Hope For The Hopeless', we caught up with Dan (guitar) to find out all the goings-on in the Pay No Respect camp.

For those who aren't familiar with you guys, who are Pay No Respect and what do you do?

We are a heavy hardcore/metal/thrash/two step band based in Kent, UK. We have relentlessly toured UK, Europe and Asia. Cumming in your ear pussies for over 7 years! Ha

How has 2014 been so far?

Pretty awesome! We recently had a successful Euro headline run with our friends in I Am Revenge, and a few long weekenders/one offs earlier in the year. But we've kinda locked ourselves away for a couple months, writing and recording with Oz @ Hidden Track Studios in Folkestone. As well as recording a music video for our new single.. All details of which will be released on the bands Facebook page!

You recently signed on to the In At The Deep End label, has that changed anything?

It's certainly given us the kick up the arse with the writing aspect side of things that we've needed for the past couple years. Mark is an incredible, stand up guy too. So it's a pleasure working alongside him, and has given the band so much of his time and effort in such a short space of time, we can't thank him enough!

Guitarist Jack Price was added to the band at the end of 2013, how has he settled in and has the dynamic of the band changed? Did it affect the writing of the new EP?

We had a stale time at the end of 2013 trying to write new material, that we just really weren't completely happy with.. That made us realise we knew we needed to make the transition from a 4 piece to a 5. It completely reimagined the original material we had written, and gave it exactly what we knew we were missing. Jack settled in pretty quick, and as he is a shredder at heart, that certainly shines through on the EP.

What are you hoping for off the back of your new EP, Hope For The Hopeless?

This EP is merely a teaser for the full album which is due for release next year, also on In At The Deep End records. Just a little something we had to release as we were itching to play new stuff for a while, and also Jack's input to the new stuff needed to be played live.

You're the opening band on the Hell On Earth tour this year. Firstly are you looking forward to it? And what do you plan on bringing to the tour?

HELL, yeah! We will be adding all the tracks from the EP to the live set for The Razer: Hell On Earth tour. We are a little different to the rest of the bands on the bill, which we think is a good thing.. As our fans will be there to support us as they have for many years, and that also gives us a chance to gain many more from such a diverse lineup. We cannot wait!

You've been touring pretty relentlessly for a while now. How was it getting back into the studio?

Oz @ Hidden Track Studios is a good friend of ours and we've recorded with him before, so it was real easy and relaxing to settle in with him. He is the bassist in 'Feed The Rhino' who we've played with many times in the past, and that has definitely helped in the studio as he has seen our live shows, and knows our live sound.

What kind of stuff do you guys get up to when on tour? Having been touring for a while you must have some stories you can share?

Where do I start? Haha. We're a pretty relaxed bunch actually, usually we're searching for wifi (especially in Europe!) it's hard being away from friends and family, being on the road for long periods of time, so it's nice to check in with them when we can. There are quite a few stories we are probably legally not allowed to mention haha, but skinny dipping in a lake in Berlin at silly o'clock in the morning, and having the local weirdo spying on us.. Having the police then turn up shouting at us in German, only to tell us to keep the noise down a little and to make sure the guy moved on was pretty, fruitful. Ha!

You are now 7 years into the bands life, are you where you thought you would be?

We never, ever thought we would accomplish half the things we have done in the past 7 years or so. From our first show back in 2007 in Reading with Your Demise & Brutality Will Prevail to our first Euro show in 2009.. To flying out to Istanbul for a one off show, touring Europe in a tour bus with Terror for almost a month.. And If that wasn't enough, we then flew out to Indonesia for a 3 week stint which absolutely blew our minds.. Having almost 2,000 kids crammed in to a sports hall, half way across the world.. Screaming the lyrics of our songs we wrote in our bedrooms is absolutely fucking amazing. 

We are truly grateful and blessed to have done even some of that over the years, and that's completely down to our fans digging the music we love to play, and that's awesome! So all thanks go to them, without them.. We wouldn't be so lucky.

Your live shows are full of energy and passion, do you have to do anything to get into the right frame of mind for a show?

Not really no, we don't huddle or psych each other up or anything. We get in a bit of a zone during sound check, making sure everything is the way we need it to be.. So that when that first note is hit, we lose our minds for those 30 minutes or more. That feeling on stage, seeing even just one person lose their mind with us, is more than worth the effort.

What can we expect from PNR in the next 18 months?

All will be revealed on the bands Facebook page real soon, we have a lot to announce over the coming week or so, and are excited to get out some new material for our fans.. and also for us to play something different, which is awesome!

Live music is what this industry is built on, why should people come and see you guys live?

Even if you've already seen us as the 4 piece we originally started as, come see jack absolutely melt your face off with the new material we will be playing from now on, we can't wait to tear up Europe on Hell On Earth!

Hardcore as a whole seems to be getting stronger and stronger with more quality bands coming through, does it feel like that from within the scene?

Definitely. The talent that is around at the moment is mind boggling, makes me want to go back to my bedroom and get practicing to up my riff game! It's definitely kept us on our toes and it's great to see some amazing UK bands shine in the scene. It's great to be part of the British scene, we're proud of it.

What is your opinion on the music industry as a whole at the moment? Do you think that streaming services like Spotify/Deezer are diluting the market? Or is the fact exposure is much easier these days a good thing?

We just have to deal with how the internet changes on a day to day basis. Long gone are the days of advertising a show with just word of mouth and a flyer. Although the internet has definitely boosted many bands careers, including ours. Without it, we wouldn't have been able to play half way across the world. But at the end of the day, your music will shine if it's good and any exposure is always a good thing. 

Bands and labels will always fight to get their music heard in any form, all be it online streaming/download/vinyl or a CD your mate has burnt for you. It's an amazing tool that we've been lucky to use to our advantage. We like most bands, just want our music to get to as many people as possible. We embrace it, because we don't have the power to change it.. Even if you did yourself, would you want to? We don't think we would if we could.

Finally, do you have a venue or festival you’re dying to play and who would you want to be on the bill for the show?

We've always wanted to play Download festival, I remember being front row watching Machine Head, and having Dime Bag (RIP) melt my face off not 10 feet from me. I think we'd have to have those on the bill straight away, but we'd bring the best of British with us to show what we're capable of. While She Sleeps, Feed The Rhino, Malevolence, Martyr Defiled, and Continents to name just a few.

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