Interview with Renz and Bert from Villains

Emma Younger visited the Barfly on the 20th January to talk to Renz and Bert from up and coming five-piece, Villains before their set at Blitz Kids' launch show for 'The Good Youth'.You can read about the whole Blitz Kids Launch Show by clicking here

How long have you been in a band for?

We’ve been Villains for a little over a year. We had our first show in December 2012. So for a little over a year we’ve been Villains, but we’ve been in other bands for about 6 or 7 years before that.

So, how did you all meet?

We’ve been best buddies for over a decade. We were in the same Year 7 class. Burt lives down the same road as our drummer Drew, and our guitarist Matt are brothers. So that’s how the four of us knew each other. Tom, well, we just looked for another guitarist. We knew him from playing a couple of shows with his old band, so we tried him out and he was awesome, got on really well, and the rest is history.

Your video for ‘The Fall’ was released a few days ago and received over 25,000 views. What has that kind of response been like?

Twitter has really blown up and we’ve had a load more new followers. But yeah, the response has been really good I think. We did an interview with Music Glue and they said our amount Facebook likes, compared to the amount of views is ridiculous. They don’t know how its happened.

Well, that’s a really positive sign! You actually released the single today! How’s that been?

To be honest, we haven’t had a chance to check our phones or online (laughs). So hopefully its good!

You have your self-titled debut album out this year. Will the songs on the album be similar to ‘The Fall’ or completely different?

Yes! February 24th! Its a bit of cliche answer, but it has a bit of everything. All the songs are different, but there are tracks that are similar to ‘The Fall’. To be honest, its half along the same vein as ‘The Fall’, and then we have more ballad style songs, and then much heavier songs. It has something for everyone.The singles show in general what you’re like and album tracks show what you can do.

Are you looking to do any release shows and tours?

Yeah, local ones hopefully and then hopefully touring and playing festivals, although nothing is confirmed yet. But that’s what we want to do.

I saw your last tour was with Out For Tomorrow. How was that? Were they any highlights or crazy moments?

No, nothing crazy. We were in bed by 10pm every night...(laughs). We had to tour as a four piece as Matt, our guitarist wasn’t with us. He was guitar teching with Mallory Knox, who are good friends of ours, and we met Blitz Kids from that tour. But yeah, we got on really well with Out For Tomorrow, and stylistically got on with them really well. It was strange for us as we had to play as a four piece. We had four instruments and one backing track. We had a WHOLE guitar backing track, so we felt like half a boy band (laughs). So that was a bit of a weird one. But Out For Tomorrow are a fantastic band, and a great bunch of guys, so we had an awesome time. We’ve played with them before and have known them for a couple of years, and hopefully we’ll play more shows with them this year.

When do you think you’ll be going on tour? Any details you can reveal about that?

Nothing is officially confirmed I’m afraid, but hopefully we’ll be going on a spring run and that should be us headlining. Then a couple of support tours in the summer and autumn. But until then we’re releasing another video hopefully around the 24th February.

Your single was on Kerrang! Radio not too long ago. That must have been crazy for you guys!?

Yeah, ‘The Fall’ was played yesterday! You grow up reading Kerrang! and then when someone from Kerrang! genuinely likes your music, its just wow. But it wasn’t necessarily being played that made me think “Wow, awesome”, it was Alex Baker saying some genuinely really nice things about it. He said the future of British rock music is good because we’re around. It was such a massive compliment. It was incredible. That was a massive highlight.

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