Interview With The Amorettes

Rising female hard rock trio, The Amorettes are having a great year with some fantastic opportunities. The latest of which is playing at Bloodstock Open Air festival 2014 on the Jagermeister stage.

We were lucky enough to break into their hectic schedule and have a chat with Hannah (drums) about what they have going on and what is coming up in the future. Read on to find out about Gigs, Recording and Rotten Corpses.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. For anyone who may not have heard of The Amorettes can you give us a quick intro and tell us a little about yourselves?

The Amorettes are an all-girl hard rock trio from West Lothian, Scotland consisting of myself (Hannah) on drums, my sister Heather on bass and Gill on vocals and guitar. Been together around 4 years now..

We heard you had quite the experience at Steelhouse Festival in Wales a couple of weeks ago, but it sounded like fun...

Steelhouse couldn't have turned out better for us.. arriving 20 minutes before we went on-stage.. Was all a bit rushed but we were so chuffed with the reception we got and I think the fact we had all been cooped up in the bus for a 5 hour drive meant we were ready to go!! I had all this pent up energy! The whole weekend was a blast. It’s a great festival, and the people who run it are really cool too..

We've also seen you've had quite the varied tour schedule and next up is Bloodstock. Are you nervous at all about playing BOA? Your sound isn't that of a typical Bloodstock band.

I'd be lying if i said I wasn't a tad nervous! But I'm looking forward to it! Have heard only good things about the festival, its cool to have been given the shot and being an all-girl hard rock band in a line up of metal bands we are gonna stick out like a sore thumb and hopefully stick in everyones memory!! The plan is to just get up and play as hard as we can!!

That having been said about Bloodstock, are there any bands there you're looking forward to trying to watch before or after you've performed?

Looking forward to Saxon! Also Evil Scarecrow, Massive Wagons and Dog Tired who are from our neck of the woods..

In other interviews with you we've read you've discussed getting your next album finished and recorded by the end of the Summer, how's that going?

We are hoping to get into the studio in the next month or so.. as well as gigging we have been writing and recording demos of new tunes.. cant wait to get started and to work with Chris Tsangarides will be a great experience for us! Cant wait to hear the results! its been a long time coming!

A couple of Scotland related questions if that's OK as you're from north of the border, Biffy Clyro or Twin Atlantic?

I havent really heard enough Twin Atlantic!... I guess it would be Biffy! I think Ben Johnston is a great drummer!!

What's this whole Scottish Independence lark? Do you think young people really take an interest in what happens with their future?

Well it seems to be getting discussed all over facebook right now so I think young people are taking an interest. Personally I am still undecided.. and I think all anyone can do is look at the arguments from both sides and then hope they are making the right decision. That being said, I am tempted to vote Yes purely to see how it will shake things up... in the words of Kevin Bridges I'm in the "f*ck it, it'll be a laugh" camp... However, politics generally doesn't interest me at all.... sorry!

Aside from a couple more festivals, do you have any further plans for the rest of 2014?

The new album is our top priority for the next few months! We will round off the year with our first headline show December 12th at King Tuts in Glasgow which will be great! Up until then we will be playing here and there in Scotland and down South.. Planet Rockstock in Wales in December and Blitztallica in Shildon with Diamondhead... full gig listings are up on our Facebook and website so everyone have a look, would be good to see some of ya there!!!

Any plans to come a bit further south and spread The Amorettes flavour to a new audience?

We hope so! There are new gigs being added to the list regularly. we love playing down South and playing to new audiences.. there are talks of some European gigs next year to. We will keep you posted!

To finish off, have you got any funny stories you can tell us from your time on the road? (It can be as innocent or as incriminating as you like!)

We get into Spinal Tap situations quite regularly, but one that springs to mind was the time our manager left a Tesco bag of cooked chicken in the back of the van with the gear in roasting hot temperatures and forgot all about it.... none of us could work out where the rotten cabbage smell was coming from until we got home unloaded the gear and found the culprit.. the smell was rancid... ;)

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