Interview with Per Valla of Vredehammer

Originally the solo project of Per Valla, black metal outfit Vredehammer are now a fully fledged band after Per took the decision to include other members on a full time basis last year. Scribes Of Metal has caught up with Vredehammer's main man, Per Valla himself, on a variety of topics including plans to visit the UK later this year. Read on for the details.... 

So we can give a bit of a rounded introduction to the band for our readers could you start by giving us some background into the band; how you started, where the name came from and your journey so far?

Vredehammer started out as a soloproject with no goals or expectations. Gradually the music became more and more important to me (Per Valla), and I kept on releasing EP`s. The last one with Kristoffer Hansen (now our guitarplayer), on bass. After talking to Indie Recordings and being told that they would be interested in signing us if we became a full band with the possibility to tour etc., the last members were asked to join the band. Cato Skivik came in as drummer, and John Erik Andersen on bass.

Your first full-length album ‘Vinteroffer’ (what does the name of the album translate as?) has only just been released but has already received very positive reviews, that must be really exciting and you must be really pleased with that?

The title means “Winter sacrifice” and is also the title track of the album. The lyrics in this song are about the black plague.
We are of course very pleased with all the attention and praise we are receiving after the release.

I understand you’re from the north of Norway and where you live there isn’t a particularly big metal scene, so how did you become introduced to metal music in general?

My father was into bands like Dio, Yes and Rush, which gave me a good kickstart to metal music. While growing up, me and my fellow metalheads were looked upon as freaks with our long hair and hust the fact that we were alittlebit different from the rest of the herd. When I was 17 I came across Dimmu Borgir and that was when I knew what I wanted to do with my life. Make extreme music!

What was the first metal song/album you bought?

My first cassette was Iron Maidens “No prayer for the dying” and my first cd was a live album by Slayer.

What was the most recent album you bought (metal or otherwise)?

The last album I bought was “Where the corpses sink forever” by Carach Angren. I only buy quality music, and these guys are masters of quality! Besides that I have been hooked on Alanis Morisette the last months hehe.

What’s your writing process like; are all band members involved in that process/if so what is each member’s input?

Mainly the music is written by me, but the guys are free to write riffs and compositions. However in the end I have to have Vredehammer sounding the way I want it to. I`m weird that way I guess.

Any plans to tour or play any gigs in the UK in support of the album?

Yes! We plan on visiting London this November!

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