Meadows End Interview

One of the objectives of Scribes Of Metal when we started was to promote unsigned bands and bands people may not have neccessarily heard of, particularly in the UK, but all across the world. We are very pleased to bring our readers our first unsigned band interview featuring Meadows End, who are a very promising metal band from Sweden. Hopefully this interview will tell you everything you want to know about Meadows End, or at the very least make you check out their music! 

To Start Off With, Please Tell Us A Little Bit About Your Band
We're a metal band called Meadows End from a town called Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. A town mostly known around the world for it's number of famous National Hockey League exports. We're six virile handsome old men that have been playing together since 2009 and our instrumental fauna consist of one microphone, two guitars, keyboards, bass and a kit of drums. We released our first full length album in the shift of 2010/2011 and it's called Ode To Quietus. Before that, Meadows End had released a couple of EP's with a different setting, so we like to see 2009 as the start of something new.
What made you decide to start a band and how did it all begin?
We were a group of school kids who all got insanely hooked on Metallica back in the early 90's. Some of us already played instruments at the time so it ended up with people starting jamming Harvester Of Sorrow and For Whom The Bell Tolls together in a shitty church basement. Mats is the only member that was in from the very start. Jan was invited when one of the two guitarists was sacked. It was brutal, things went berserk, members/friends became replaced/enemies, things like cupcakes and ice creams were thrown and shoe lazes were tied together and we still suffer from bad memoeries and sleepless nights from those... two... minutes... Kids!
What Style Of Music Do You Play?
We get to hear often that people like to put us in the Melodic Death Metal genre, so we do that too. Even though we prefer the term Death Rock, simply because it is cooler, sounds cooler and is not as worn as MDM. But we play MDM (and Death Rock), no question about that. We like to play with intensity and with various speed, we use a lot of symphonic orchestrations nowadays, most music is based on the guitar but almost every riff and chord is balanced out by a choir or some strings. Even flute. And violin. And... horns! Not so much guiro. Actually no guiro, that's a rule we have. No guiro, you hear that Rob?
Who Are Your Musical Influences?
I guess I have to say everything. We're kind of a mixed set of characters that listen to everything from quite brutal bands such as Marduk/Watain/Weezer/Dark Funeral to genres like Jazz/Pop/Blues/Videogames and everything in between. Most lyrics are kind of dark, mostly in a way that portraits the world and the people in it today. Many people suffer from mental illnesses and such, we pay great respect for people ending up there and that's a matter we seem to fall back to and like to address.
Have you done much touring / played many shows?
Getting gigs in the northern parts of Sweden is actually quite rough. There are A LOT of bands and it's difficult to stand out and getting gigs. We actually only live 100 kilometers from Umeå, the mecca of Meshuggah, but we've only managed to play there once so far so we're struggling and hoping it will open up soon. Going south to Stockholm and such is hard as well, since we fight hard to get any gigs at all, we don't have enough resume so we sort of have to nudge ourselves out of catch 22. I suppose many new bands suffer from this since the competition is simply brutal, much because of the availability of the internet.
Have you released any E.P's or Albums? (If so, please tell us about them and where people can get them from)
Yes, if we go all the way back in the Meadows End history we have a few kebabs up our sleeves. If we focus on EP's and screw demos entirely we released the following: Somber Nation's Fall, 2003 (EP) - Out of stock. Available digitally on iTunes, Amazon, etc. A five song long EP we were very proud of at the time. There are still some songs on that EP that we enjoy playing live. Recorded with guitar and bass V-Amps, quite ordinary sound, nothing we'd chosen today to say the least. Dead Calm Rise, 2006 (EP) - Out of stock. Available digitally on iTunes, Amazon, etc. This EP contained four songs and were more guitar oriented. Our keyboardist didn't have the time required so it just became that way. After this EP he moved from town and decided to call it quits. When he did, our singer did too and we had a few years onward with trying new members and finding the right chemistry. A patient work that ended in 2009 when we gathered the last man of todays lineup, which was Johan "The Brute" Brandberg, our vocalist. Ode TO Quietus, 2010 (CD) - Available through our webstore, We handle everything ourselves so every supporting penny is appreciated. Also available digitally on iTunes, Amazon, etc. Our first full length album, recorded and released on our own. We had help with the mix, the master and the cover. Other than that we did it all ourselves over six months of time. We made quite many errors that we cleaned up, made a few more that we couldn't clean up, but overall we're very pleased with the result. Of course we would need help with distribution, promotion and marketing, but we do what we can until someone shoot us a deal.
What is the favourite moment in the bands history so far?
That has to be when we drove a van 1000 kilometers one way to play for ten minutes in Gothenburg, sleep over and then drive back home. Stefan actually drove the entire way home on his own, he wouldn't step aside. Not to mention that he drove 50 kilometers the wrong way out from Gothenburg to begin with. Heroic/Idiotic!
If you could pick one well known band to tour with who would you want it to be?
This question would most likely be answered differently from all os us. Speaking for myself I would love to play with Hypocrisy. Been a great fan over many years and Peter Tägtgren must be considered a genious. If I was allowed to guess and pick a band that I think everyone would be interested in I would have to say something like Rammstein. That's a rough guess but I believe that's at least a band that everyone of us has some sort of relation to, listening wise.
What Does The Band Want To Achieve During The Rest of 2012?
We are in the process of finishing up material for a new recording. We will most likely begin during Q2 or Q3, it will be an album that continues right where OTQ left off. Probably a bit more dark, a bit more soft and melodic, sometimes faster and in some parts even thrashier. It'll be a cool album to say the least. We're also looking up making a music video, nothing set yet but we're juggling ideas and hamburgers about it, we'll have to see what happens. Other than that we of course want to get on stage more, as much as possible. Many of us are in family situations but that hasn't been a problem yet, so we could definitely get out more, given the opportunity.

If you want to find out more about Meadows End (and you know you do!) you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & of course, their own website

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