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Over the last eighteen months or so, The Defiled have risen up from the collection of new UK metal bands to establish themselves as one of the most popular and successful bands of the pack. Tours with the likes of The Murderdolls and Sylosis have helped them hone their live show and now they're headlining sizeable venues in their own right. ScribesOfMetal has been lucky enough to catch up with The Defiled's synth and keys player The AVD for a few words, check out what he had to say for himself below:

Just incase people reading this have been living under a rock for the last eighteen months and don't know who The Defiled are, how would you introduce yourselves?
Hi we are The Defiled a bunch of reprobates hailing from London!
You've toured with a lot of bands big and small over the last couple of years, is there any one tour out of those that stands out for you?
Yes, definitely the Murderdolls tour. Those where the biggest crowds we had played to at that point and to have one of our heroes coming to our dressing room telling us how well we did was extremely rewarding.
Your just played your biggest hometown show yet at the Brixton Academy, how excited were you for the show?
Jager are always so good to us and take care of their bands so well it's always a pleasure to play any of their events but to do it in Brixton Academy, that's just amazing! I mean I have seen every band I have ever loved play some classic sets in there, I must say I know bands say this a lot but really, stepping on to that stage felt the most special yet.
What did you think of the other bands on the bill with you at Brixton?
We are starting to bump in to the Skindread guys more and more these days, really cool guys! Also it was really nice to meet the Therapy? boys, I have been a fan since I was a young boy so that was definitely a high light.
How much of a big deal for The Defiled is it being part of the tenth anniversary of Download this June at Donnington?
Oh my god, one of our main goals when we started this band was to play Donnington so to say it's a big deal is an understatement! Also, I have to say I was a big metallica fan growing up so seeing the black album in it's entirety is going to rock! I saw them do puppets in it's entirety a few years ago that was amazing!
You're going to be part of Godsmack's first UK show in almost ten years, that's another thing that is quite a big deal, how did that come about?
We got asked if we want to do it, we said yes! Boring story really but our new drummer Needles is obsessed by their drummer and is over the moon about it!
Looking forward a bit further to later in the year, you're going to be touring with Dragonforce and Alestorm on a huge UK tour, is that the highlight of the second half of 2012 for The Defiled?
Definitely, I think it will be a chance to play to people that might of not heard us before, the defiled are a band that thrive on trying to win over a crowd, we haven't done this for a wile so it will be good to step up our game once more.
Anything else in the pipeline you'd like to announce?
We are recording our next album With Jason Seucof in Florida this summer, we are also doing a pledge campaign to do a live album of Grave times in its entirety. There is a site you can go there, sign up and buy all sorts of one off things like us doing a gig at your house! we thought that would be amazing, turning up and playing in someones living room! It's going to be ridiculous.
Is there anything you've been listening to recently you'd like to recommend to our readers or any bands you think they need to know about?
I've been listening to Upon A Burning Body a lot lately, they are killer!
What is the main mission objective for The Defiled for the rest of 2012?
To get our new album out, develop our live show and expand outside the UK!

The Defiled will be appearing next week at the tenth anniversary of the Download Festival at Castle Donington. As discussed they are also supporting Godsmack in London next month, and embark on a full UK tour with Dragonforce and Alestorm in the Autumn of 2012.

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