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Kicking off 2013 in style off are the crushing Swedish mob, Aeon. They are playing upstairs at The Garage in London along with some furious and rising stars of the extreme metal world. I managed to nab them for a few minutes for a chat. Aeon are already pushed for time and were eventually forced to cut a few songs from their setlist as a result, so thank you to Tommy and Zeb for sparing me a few precious moments.

Welcome back to the UK. How has your stay been so far?
We haven’t really been here that long. So far it has been pretty good, it’s really cold here just like at home, but I guess it’s just the season.
You announced a tour in Japan, just yesterday. Where are your favourite places to tour?
The UK is cool, I like playing across Germany.
We haven’t done so much touring, but those two are always fun.
You’ve just release your new album ‘Aeons Black’, which has been well received by fans and critics alike. Would you say it’s your strongest effort to date?
I would.
Yeah, maybe. It’s hard to choose. I think maybe some days I like another album better, and the day after that the next album is my favourite. It depends what kind of mood I’m in.
I see that your drummer, Arttu, is taking a break from the band to concentrate on his family. You’ve got a fill-in drummer, Emil, who’s playing his first show tonight. How has he settled in?
Very, very good. When we first took him to our town to rehearse, I was amazed that he knew the songs better than I did.
Did you know him beforehand? Was he connected to the band previously?
We don’t really know him that well, but we met him when we played at Neurotic Death Fest in Holland. We met him there a couple of years ago when he played there with his band, Bloodred Throne. He turned out to be a really huge Aeon fan, and wanted to take pictures of us, and stuff like that. so we kind of stayed connected through Facebook, and I saw him post a video of himself playing some really fast stuff, so I asked him to play for us, and he was really glad to be involved.
Have you had a chance to check out any of the support acts yet?
Have you had a chance to check out any of the support acts yet?
Sweden is well known for its resurgence of trad metal bands, and a more melodic take on death metal. Do you ever feel like the odd one out, playing such a heavy style of music?
Well actually there are a lot of brutal death metal fans in Sweden, too. I think people don’t really notice them. Bands like In Flames are always the first to pop into people’s heads, and others who are quite melodic. But there are a lot of underground bands too that are really brutal. They follow a more US style of death, like we do.
Who would you recommend, off the top of your head?
I’d say the new album from Syn:drom, (Iconoclasm, out now) which just came out, or is coming out any time now.
Who do you cite as your main influences?
For me it’s Deicide, Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel, the bands I grew up listening to. It’s always been the US style for me personally.
When it comes to writing music, definitely those, plus bands like Suffocation. There are a few others, but those would be the main four influences. Of course, when it comes to playing leads and guitar playing, there are others like Marty Friedman, like the stuff he did on Rust in Peace by Megadeth. I love the lead lines on it.
So what’s next for Aeon after you wrap this tour up?
We’re going out on tour again in March with Obscura, across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We have a festival gig in Sweden, too – House of Metal. So things are going our way. It’s looking like a good year.
We have some really cool things that may come up, if things go the way we want them too.
Have you got anything to say for anyone looking for a new favourite brutal death metal band?
Yeah, here we are, come and check us out! Buy the album, come to the show!

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