Acoda Live At The Garage (Upstairs) – 7th February

After an unbelievably quiet January, I was absolutely dying for a night out that involved three things; Beer, good music and good company. This was my first time ever to the upstairs part of the Garage, and as a venue it definitely has charm. Like a small cavern, with sloping ceilings and a classic “stage at the front, bar at the back” layout, the sound was surprisingly well managed and quite balanced.

Headlining the show was Midlands four-piece Acoda who are signed to Best Before: Records and this was the last date on their 10-show tour to promote the new album Truth Seeker. Look them up online and you will see some slick music videos, a strong presence on social media and a gorgeous clean looking website; this is clearly a band who manages their online presence well. In the current day and age, this is so important- haven’t we all seen a band at a festival or supporting a show that we wanted to find out more about, only for there to be next to no information online? So going in to the show, there were expectations of a clean and tight performance.

Luckily, Acoda did not disappoint; although they venue was small and the attendance not as high as you’d like, they delivered a professional and interesting set. The rolling melodic guitars from Damon Tang and Jake Crawford were enhanced by tight drumming patterns from drummer Jay Russell and a swinging rhythm from bassist Stephen Crook, and all four members stepped in on vocalist duties. This added brilliant layers of harmony, and lifted the guttural screaming upwards for a far more interesting sound.

You could also see how well the band works together; even on a tiny stage with no room to move, they were in sync and aware of where the others were. It is probably incredibly difficult to show enthusiasm, and to really get into it, when the people in the crowd have more room to move than you do! But luckily the crowd there were passionate- there was plenty of movement at the front, beer was flying around and the enthusiasm bought a smile to my face. So much better than the shows were everyone is stood with their arms crossed, trying to look “cool”.

What I particularly enjoyed was the final two songs in combination; they slowed things right down for “Hymnyin”, bought everyone to attention, and then absolutely let rip with their best known song “The Ludocivo Technique”. This really induced a massive crescendo in the atmosphere, and was a cracking way to finish the set. I’m now going to be looking to see them somewhere with a bigger stage, to really see what this band can do.

Their album “TruthSeeker” is out this spring, and you should catch them whenever you can (we're hoping Hevy Fest books them!).

Set List:

1)      Make it up as you go
2)      ‘Round the Sun
3)      This is Life
4)      Falling backwards off the Fence
5)      Whispers Like Roars
6)      Hymnyin
7)      The Ludocivo Technique

Scribbled by:

Hertfordshire girl with a love of metal, dubstep, horses, gin and baking, not necessarily all at once.