Architects – Live at HMV Institute, Birmingham

Lost Forever/Lost Together has begun a battle in the charts and Architects hit the road. Anticipation levels are spilling over, The HMV Institute is packed and not ready for what is to come. This Birmingham crowd is starving for the sonic feast that Architects are about to bring down upon the second city.

First song off their new album, Gravedigger drops like a bomb and the fun begins. The Brighton based quartet continues with another dose of their new album with the anger driven, C.A.N.C.E.R, both of which kick proceedings off in the only way a gig like this should be, manically. The reaction to the new material displays the huge success that Lost Forever/Lost Together is. Rolling back the pages in their catalogue, Alpha Omega, Day In Day Out and Even If You Win, You’re still a rat assault the ears of the fans before the recently released single Naysayer erupts and has everyone singing melody ridden chorus in unison. As to be expected with a band of Architects heavy calibre , the centre of the crowd is the pumping heart of the show, bodies moving, jumping, shouting, screaming and exuding energy that the band and crowd themselves feed upon.

Architects Live Review from HMV Birmingham

Something special lingers in the air, a bonding atmosphere that something important is going on, something meaningful that everyone in attendance is a part of, both fans and band. Sam Carter takes a moment to give a warming and honest speech about how much performing means to them, how proud they are of the new record and show their appreciation to all their fans for turning up tonight. Carter may describe himself as just a kid up on stage and not knowing what to do but you wouldn’t guess that yourself, he owns the stage and the audience are in the dead centre of his hand, backing every one of his fear inducing vocals. The riffs rain down on the audience in abundance, with tunes like Follow the Water, Colony Collapse, Early Grave and Broken Cross seeing out the set in relentless fashion, but not before Sam can give a pleading notice for any donations to the Sea Sheppard charity that he holds very dear to his heart.

Architects Live Review from Birmingham

The lights fade and the band leave the stage but it’s no surprise to see them back out after a brief break for the encore to begin. It’s a two song 50/50 of new and old, Red Hypergiant, the instrumental, followed by the ever popular, These Colours Don’t Run, which draws the curtain on what is a truly magnificent performance and night by all in attendance, with a real sense that this band are finally getting the break they deserve after such a rollercoaster ride in their career so far.

Setlist: Gravedigger C.A.N.C.E.R Alpha Omega Even If you Win, You’re Still a Rat Day in Day Out Naysayer Daybreak Follow the Water Colony Collapse Black Blood Devil’s Island Early Grave Broken Cross Encore: Red Hypergiant These Colours Don’t Run

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