August Burns Red, Being As An Ocean & Hundredth Live at Mandela Hall

Opening the stage tonight and making their first Irish appearance are melodic hardcore quintet, Hundredth. Unfortunately they are met with a half empty room, however, this doesn't stop them from delivering one hell of a performance. They open with “Weathered Town” and power through a blistering set that really should have got the crowd moving more than it did.

Hundredth Live at Mandela Hall

Whilst a lot of the crowd may have been somewhat static, the same could not be said for the band, more so Chadwick Johnson who gets up close and goes for a walk through the crowd halfway into the set. There was also a handful of people gathered near the front to see the band, singing along to every word - except for Hundredth’s latest song “Demons” which sounds absolutely fantastic. If this song is any sort of indication of how their March EP “Resist” is going to sound, it will definitely be EP worth playing over and over and over. 7/10

Also making their first ever Irish appearance tonight are Being As An Ocean. Joel Quartuccio is definitely a man that doesn’t seem to like being on a large stage too much as is seen tonight when he spends more time on the barrier and in the crowd than on the stage itself. It’s safe to say that there are a lot of Being As An Ocean fans in the venue tonight, either that or they were a hell of a lot vocal than the Hundredth fans.

Being As An Ocean Live at Mandela Hall

When Joel was in the crowd you would often have fans trying to snatch the mic off him and the volume of the sing-a-longs to songs like “The Hardest Part Is Forgetting Those You Swore You Would Never Forget” and “Dear G-d” was quite something. Being As An Ocean were a nice change of pace following Hundredth, they managed to get the crowd moving a bit more whilst using the spoken word sections of their songs as a bit of breather before the heavier bits again.

Being As An Ocean Live in Ireland

Whilst perhaps not as fast paced as the other bands on tonights bill, Being As An Ocean’s strength lies in the pure emotion that is poured into these songs. It’s obvious that Joel means every word he says and when he screams, his voice doesn’t sound empty and he doesn’t sound like he’s trying to force it out either, it all sounds natural and you can hear the emotion in his voice. 7/10

August Burns Red explode onto the stage and tear Mandela Hall to pieces. Not even half way into Provision and the room is already the most lively it had been all night! People are moshing, heading banging and screaming along at the top of their lungs. August Burns Red rage through a setlist including new songs such as “Animals” and “Fault Line” as well as fan favourites such as “Back Burner” and “Meddler”.

August Burns Red Live at Mandela Hall

The band deliver a powerful performance with guitars that will melt your face and rums that will break your ribs. Not to mention the raw, beastly screams that come from the mouth of frontman Jake Luhrs. What’s great to see with August Burns Red is that they don’t take themselves too seriously, they clearly enjoy what they do and they’re up for a laugh. After “Marianas Trench”, Jake notices that a guy in the crowd isn’t applauding after the songs, he’s frantically waving his hands at the band, and so Jake has the entire crowd do this after the end of each song.

August Burns Red Live in Ireland

There’s nothing better than a crowd singing together at once, and so when “Empire” got played, it was beautiful a moment when Jake sang “We're walking home into thin air singing…” only to be responded to with a monstrous “WOOAAAAAAAAAOAOAOAH!” (You know, THAT part of the song). The band close the main set with “White Washed” and then come back on stage to unleash another four minutes of mayhem onto the Belfast crowd. August Burns Red are definitely a band that know how to control a crowd and can play each note perfectly whilst doing so. 8/10

August Burns Red Live

If you enjoyed the amazing photography from this show, we would love you to see the full gallery of the August Burns Red by photographer Connor Morris over at Flickr 

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