Black Dahlia Murder - Talking Heads, Southampton 15 January

I have said it many times before, but it bears repeating. Black Dahlia Murder are one of the most underrated bands in today's metal scene. That is pretty much a fact, you only have to look at their back catalogue to see that. But tonight isn't about albums, it’s about live music and fortunately for Black Dahlia Murder, this is where they reign supreme.
Imagine walking into a pub, drawing a pentagram on the floor and seeing what crawls up from hell. It sounds like a shit episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but hell on earth is pretty much the only way I can describe what I have seen here.

The Talking Heads in Southampton is essentially a pub with a back room, and that is putting it nicely, pack it with drunk metallers on a Friday night, add some death metal and watch as the place gets ripped apart. It helps that there is no barrier or security in front of the stage, so we see our fair share of stage diving, and crowd surfing from a reasonably amped up audience which helps to elevate the show being put on up on the stage itself.
Now, Black Dahlia Murder are no slouches, let that be known. They are as precise and vicious as Jack the Ripper and they are almost as deadly. New album Abysmal gets a fairly good showing tonight and the new songs sound absolutely colossal live and up very very close and personal which is always a great indication of how good the material is if it sounds even better live.

Last time I saw Black Dahlia Murder it was at a Festival and it included watching a couple having anal sex in a circle pit, you would think that is an experience that couldn't be topped but tonight tops it in every conceivable way and proves why Black Dahlia have become one of the most beloved underdog bands in all of metal

I think it is entirely possible that Black Dahlia Murder will go from being a hidden gem to opening themselves up to a wider audience sooner rather than later. Don't get me wrong seeing them in a pub is awesome. But this is a band that should be put in front of the biggest crowd they can possibly reach. Imagine them on the Download Main Stage causing the kind of carnage they are here and the possibilities are endless. This is a world class band, that is light years ahead of their peers and the kind of band anyone and everyone will be stupid to sleep on. Based on what I have seen tonight, Black Dahlia Murder are the natural heirs to the death metal throne and a band that could take this kind of music to the masses like never before.

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