Blitz Kids, The Good Youth Album Launch Show - Camden Barfly

Its been quite the year already for Nantwich based rockers Blitz Kids. With their debut album ‘The Good Youth’ out on the day of arguably their most momentous show to date, the ears and eyes of fans and industry are ready to be blown away with rock’s fresh and talented.


Hailed from Essex, five-piece melodic rockers Villains open the bill, showcasing material from their forthcoming debut album, including single ‘The Fall’ released on the day of the show. With radio play from the likes of Kerrang!, expectations were high and they certainly didn’t disappoint. Their illustrious industrious style captures the room instantly with the crowd clapping along to reward them. Despite the Barfly’s small stage, the band use this to its advantage, as they propel themselves and head bang to their heart’s content, creating an electric atmosphere and mastering striking stage presence. Their ballsy attitude filters not just from their hard-hitting raucous riffs, but into their diverse side as they showcase elements of tenderness in their set. This, combined harmonious and all-powerful vocals from not only frontman Renz Byrne, but from the rest of the band, its no wonder their set concludes with roaring claps and cheers from the crowd.

The People The Poet (8)

Diversity comes in the form of South Welsh stories tellers The People The Poet. Whilst at first their place on the bill seems some what confused, this instantly vanishes as soon as they walk on stage. Their heartfelt back story to their album ‘The Narrator’ gives their set a touching sentiment that instantly bewilders the room. Unmistakably breathtaking vocals echo and bounce off the walls that enchants the audience to the extent that at times their praise comes through silence. Their cinematic presence sends goosebumps from person-to-person and their attempts to get the crowd involved is admirable through sing-alongs and clap-alongs. Although at times their lead male vocalist overshadows their female vocalist, their true lyrical and vocal talent, combined with soothing percussion and guitar tones creates a set that was not only engaging, but that was memorable.

Blitz Kids (8)

As its time for the Cheshire peaks four-piece to come on stage, the crowd are instantaneously animated as the band begin with ‘All I Want Is Everything’. As their set shifts through the entirety of ‘The Good Youth’; a risky maneuver, the crowd take each song and jump to the heavens, at battle with the vigor given by the four-piece. ‘On My Own’ is a highlight from the record, as the crowd sing along to every word, and vocals from front man Joe James, and background accompaniment from Jono Yates sound on point and explore the light and darkness on the vocal spectrum. However, the set truly comes to light as the crowd favourites, such as ‘Warrior’ come into play. Musicianship, tonality, tempo, you name it sound at their highest peak, with the crowd chanting ‘warrior!’ to applause the quartet. Whilst it appears that the front of the room are the only ones to be surging around the room, the back of the room still appear to be engaged and in unity with the rest of the crowd in their approval. As Joe expresses a few humbling words, he says “Blitz Kids never die baby” and this, they certainly will not. Although tonight’s performance wasn’t the best of their career to date by any means, the enormity of the event unmistakably showcased a few nerves. But their catchy melodies will never go a miss in this world, and no doubt tonight’s offerings is only the beginning of a huge career ahead for Blitz Kids.

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