Download Festival 2013 - Amon Amarth Review

Continuing with his in-depth coverage of the final day of the Download Festival 2013, David Gillies give us his take on the mighty viking metal of Amon Amarth:

This was a band I'd heard a huge amount about in my campsite, having never heard of these guys before, and so accompanied friends along with an open mind to the Zippo Encore stage. As a fan of on stage theatrics and epicness, I felt myself getting excited as the technical crew set up a Viking long boat up in the centre of the stage and heard about how the songs mostly involved Thor, Valhalla and other old Nordic themes that I'm personally interested in aside from the links to metal music.

I found Amon Amarth almost comical, not at all in a bad way, but they themselves had clearly had fun and continue to do so with the theme of the band and that definitely spilled out into the crowd. Johan Heggs vocals were deep thundering sounds worthy of Valhalla as they pillaged their way through their short set, which was unfortunately cut short as they had to start late due to some technical difficulties.

Clear fan favourite 'Twilight of the Thunder God' closed the short 4 song set but that didn't stop my friends and 1000s others still leaving satisfied and left me wishing I'd done some more research and background listening of them beforehand as I think it would have definitely enhanced my experience of them. (8)


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