Download Festival 2013 - Five Finger Death Punch Review

Having reviewed the previous two days of the Download Festival for us with one post each, our world travelling mechanic David Gillies found himself with a bit more to say about various bands on the final day of this years' Download Festival, so we've separated some of the reviews out into their own posts. First up are his thoughts on the one and only Five Finger Death Punch:

When conducting the standard 'What do you have planned for the day?' conversation over a cereal bar breakfast at camp there was one band that kept coming up that I was completely unaware of (Ok I may have demonstrated my lack of current metal knowledge elsewhere but all I had to go on Five Finger Death Punch, and while we're being's not a great name is it). I wasn't sure what to expect, growling vocals maybe which I'm not a massive fan of but aside from that nothing.

Man was I blown away by these guys. From the opening note to the last chord ringing out these guys had me by the balls, some proper no nonsense metal with the attitude to boot accompanied by the largest number and most hardcore circle puts I'd seen all weekend. Even while actively encouraging this, singer Ivan Moody had the clarity of mind to pull out around a dozen kids from right at the front to avoid injury and invited them on stage for the remainder of the show. This drew one of the biggest non boob cheers of the weekend as a kid who cant have been older that 10 threw up the double devil horns for the camera and held it high. That kids Dad must have been proud as punch.

It showed their popularity that a fair few of these kids sang and head banged along with most of the rest of the show. I don't feel right to comment on the content of their set list in regards to the rest of the material, but despite not knowing a single note of the entire set list, minus the cover song 'Bad Company', I found this one of the most enjoyable performances of the whole weekend.

Ivan Moody is one hell of a front man, and drew laughs we he (Somehow?!) extracted a large dildo from the crowd, brought it back on stage (With the kids still there! Not sure how the do-good era & jobsworths would have felt about that) and launched it back in. These guys are definitely a group to watch going forward, it's just a shame about the name that could give people preconceptions like it did to me. (9)

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