Download Festival 2013 - Limp Bizkit Review

Proving that he managed to see quite the collection of bands on the final day of the 2013 Download Festival, David's adventures continue, this time with the kings of nu metal, Limp Bizkit.

As mentioned earlier I'd already struggled with a timing clash between Devin Townsend and Jimmy Eat World, but this one for me was crazy. Arguably the two best live bands on the bill Limp Bizkit and Rammstein overlapped. It was like the guy organising the timing of the line up didn't know, or like one of these bands. It was a tough decision then to concisely decide to leave my favourite band in my teens, having never seen them before, early. Although friends that have seen both groups before saying they wouldn't miss a minute of Rammstein made my decision easier.

This was clearly in the back of Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit's mind with Wes Borland announcing half way through as the main stage erupted that he couldn't play the rest of their set as he was off to see Rammstein. A sly dig at the 100s of fans leaving the second stage half way through the set. Knowing they had a battle to keep some of the casual fans engaged, including myself these days, they played a barrage of hit after hit opening with probably the best string opening songs I've seen live since Metallica. 'Rollin', 'Nookie', 'Hot Dog' and 'My Generation' certainly set the tone as they stuck the proverbial middle finger up and the absolutely rammed Zippo Encore stage went nuts from the front all the way to the back. 'My Way' followed on and as the fireworks went off over the main stage they blasted out an outstanding cover of Rage Against The Machines 'Killing In The Name' which went down an absolute treat and made me laugh to myself that this song was Christmas number one a few years ago.

Whilst the construction of the set list contained nothing past the third album 'Chocolate Starfish', minus their cover of The Who's 'Behind Blue Eyes', I certainly never got the feeling they were living off past success. A measure of how popular this band remain and how big they used to be. The set took a bit of time out as they played 'Faith' and 'Behind Blue Eyes', and I headed off already having stayed longer than I'd planned to unable to drag myself away. Upon discovering the rest of the set when I got home I discovered they closed with massive songs 'Take A Look Around' and 'Break Stuff' and I can only imagine how those who stayed reacted to those two songs as the band repaid those who stuck around so watch the entire set, a fact with Fred Durst seemed genuinely grateful for. (9)

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