Download Festival 2013 - Rival Sons Review

In the latest installment of David's Download Festival 2013 final day coverage, we get his take on modern classic rockers Rival Sons. Over to you once again David...

Rival Sons was one of the bands I was most excited about seeing live this weekend after thoroughly enjoying the first album, despite being a little indifferent with the follow up having not really gotten enough time to spend with it. Despite that I made sure I was there in plenty of time in order to fully enjoy them. They didn't disappoint. They exploded on stage full of energy launching in to the in your face 'Wild Animal' followed by 'You Want To'. Rival Sons and specifically their front man Jay Buchanan gave off a very classic rock 70s Led Zepplin vibe, which is certainly no bad thing, although with the crowd not seemingly heaving, made me worry if this was a bit watered down for a lot of the Download fraternity.

Even if that was the case the crowded present lapped up the music as they belted out more classic rock, only interrupted by stunning ballard 'Jordan', before launching back into more balls to the wall rock and closing with very catchy and debut album title track 'Pressure and Time'. It's a shame that Rival Sons only got a small slot but understandable, and I see no reason if they continue on this path that they can't become a very successful group.

What was strange however was Jay Buchanan switching between singer and frontman, hallmarks of an old school, couldn't care less rock star while singing but as soon as he talked to the audience between songs he became this timid, quiet softly spoken man. Not a criticism but very strange. I definitely recommend checking this group out if you aren't already aware of them. (7)

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