Lamb Of God Live Review, Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton 13 August 2013

Sometimes special gigs are a surprise, sometimes, it’s as clear as day light that you’re in for something special, this is one of those times. Off the back of their first ever major U.K festival headline set at Bloodstock Open Air, Lamb of God head across the Midlands for an intimate gig at Wulfrun Hall in Wolverhampton.

Lamb of God Live

As soon as you step into the slightly over 1000 person capacity room, you can feel something special is about to go down, the hall is packed as Sylosis hit the stage and begin to tear things up and circle pits open. Whilst the boys in Sylosis, do absolutely nothing wrong and put on a stellar show, nothing or no one could be ready for what Wolverhampton was in store for.

Lamb  Of God Live @ Wufren Hall

At the very second the first note of Desolation erupts throughout the small venue, the floor has opened, bodies are flying, heads are banging and voices are screaming. Randy Blythe takes centre stage to rapturous applause and given a hero’s welcome. Continuing into Ghost Walking, Walk With Me In Hell and Set To Fail, the madness ensues as Willie Adler lights up a cigarette on stage and effortlessly ploughs through riff after riff. The band’s appearance at Bloodstock Open Air, only three days ago hasn’t taken anything out of them as they sound loud, ruthless and tight as ever, cruising through fan favourites like Now You’ve Got Something To Die For and Omerta.

Randy Blyth Live In Wolverhampton

It was a topic that was bound to arise at some point during the night and as the fans initially cheer when Randy mentions his freedom from incarceration, he humbly and graciously reminds everyone that a fan of this band died and that respects should be paid. With that tender point covered the band continues through their set continuing to exude energy that the crowd thrives off.

The Passing ushers in the encore but not before a brief ten minutes of interaction with the crowd and a light hearted rendition of the Nature Boy, Rick Flair’s trademark ‘Woo’s. The encore is a bone crushing finale consisting of In Your Words, Laid To Rest, Redneck and Black Label. For one last time the fans are whipped into a frenzy as the intro to Black Label drops and the audience is swallowed by one circle pit and countless bodies sail over the safety barrier.

It doesn’t end there though, there’s still time for a shout out to the safety staff, a goodbye and one last round of ‘Woo’s to see the night off. 

Lamb of God Setlist:

  • Desolation,
  • Ghost Walking
  • Walk With Me In Hell
  • Set To Fail
  • Ruin
  • Now You’ve Got Something To Die For
  • 11th Hour
  • The Undertow
  • Omerta
  • Contractor


  • The Passing
  • In Your Words
  • Laid To Rest
  • Redneck
  • Black Label

Gig Rating: 10/10

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