Letlive & Night Verses Live at Fibber Magee’s Dublin

In our first live report from the Irish shores, Connor went to check out one of THE bands of 2013 in letlive. Without further ado, here's his adventure in Dublin....

Unfortunately I ended up missing the first two bands of the night. I'm sorry! It was my first time in Dublin and I got lost! Though if Red Enemy's performance supporting Stray From The Path earlier in the year was anything to go by, they were brilliant.

Supporting a band with a live reputation as good as letlive. is never going to be an easy challenge. Night Verses take to the stage and deliver a great performance nonetheless. The singer shows some beautiful singing mixed with some vicious vocals. It's almost mesmerising watching him stand still with his eyes closed in the softer parts of songs before he explodes and goes nuts on stage! The band as a whole give a tight performance with a lot of melody. It's unfortunate that the crowd didn't really get going up until the last two songs seeing as they gave a fairly energetic set. Especially the drummer who was sat in nothing but his boxers and was near enough jumping around on his kit! 7/10.

The lights go out. letlive. squeeze their way onto the tiny stage. Everyone screams. As Jason Butler makes his way through the crowd he tries to narrowly avoid the cluster of hands that are reaching for what can only be described as the most glorious beard in the building. The band kick off with Banshee before going straight into H Ledger. Already people are being crushed against the stage and are having to climb up to stop themselves from having their legs snapped in two. This only leads to one thing. STAGE DIVE! Two songs in and bodies are flying EVERYWHERE! People are jumping from the stage, Jason's hanging from the roof. Everything's normal so far. The band power through a handful of songs from the new album such as Younger, Empty Elvis and 27 Club.

Normally when people say something like "This has been the best show so far" or "This is like a second home to us", you never think much of it, but something in Jason's voice just sounded so genuine about the words he was saying. "I want you to sing this as loud as you can for my mother." Never have I had such a chilling feeling go down my spine after hearing a few hundred sing (not scream) the same words together. Such a beautiful moment. The look on Jason's face after everyone singing the first line of Muther was just one of a kind. He couldn't believe what was happening in front of him. No one could believe they were a part of it.

Next song of the set is Day 54. More bodies flying everywhere, everyone's going nuts. The  lights go out and the music stops. letlive. broke the venue! Everything's fixed soon enough and they jump right back into the song and finish the main set.  The band play an encore of 'Le Prologue', 'The Sick, Sick 6.8 Billion' and 'Renegade '86'. Suddenly everyone starts climbing on stage, the band keep playing anyway. At one point Jeff stops playing to let other people play as he since shoes and other various objects! It was hilarious watching the tour manager trying to get everyone off stage before giving up and accepting that this is what's happening. The band leave the venue in a bad way, everyone's cover in sweat, there's broken glass and vomit on the floor and a trail of blood going from the stage to the toilets! 57576468/10.

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