Rise To Remain Live At The Borderline, Tottenham Court Road, London

Due to some rather major transport issues, Scribes arrived at the venue having completely missed our friends Chapters along with fellow support band Idiom and only just in time for headliners Rise To Remain. Such is the nature of The Borderline and the high energy nature of Rise To Remain's live show, it seemed impossible at times for all five members of the band to fit on the stage together as they headbanged and bounced their way through the enjoyable opening of Heartless, Nothing Left and the always popular Power Through Fear which got one of the best reactions of the night. 
Tonight's show was about reintroducing Rise To Remain to the live setting after not performing since Download 2013, as well as to give the assembled media masses and industry people a timely reminder of their abilities. The two new songs aired on the night, Over & Over and There Will Be Blood were hard to assess on just one live listen, though Over & Over has a chorus that may well become an earworm for many and both songs were received well. 
Mixing in old material such as Purify in with the majority of tracks from their debut album City Of Vultures (the title track, Talking In Whispers, The Serpent, Roads) certainly pleased Rise To Remain's fans, with high levels of audience participation, particularly when it came to stage diving and crowd surfing. All five members of Rise To Remain were on good, lively form with Austin Dickinson a sweaty ball of energy throughout, even taking a couple of stage dives himself at various points throughout the show. Following the end of the main set, Rise To Remain returned to finish things off with Bridges Will Burn, the closing track from City Of Vultures, to a very loud reaction. 
Tonight Rise To Remain will have achieved their objectives; To put themselves back in the eye of the fans and the industry alike with an entertaining performance with no major mishaps [7 / 10]. It must be hoped that the always tricky second album does not trip them up as it has so many other bands. After spending the best part of two years on it, a poorly received album would be a big blow. Let's hope they pull it off. 

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