The Story So Far, Seahaven & Save Your Breath - 18th October, Belfast, Mandela Hall


It's never ideal to be the opening band. Having to be the ones that get the crowd amped up for the main event, the ones that have to make an impression. The first band to hit the stage tonight are Welsh quintet Save Your Breath and do the job an opening band is supposed to do.

Save Your Breath Live in Belfast

They deliver a great set full of bouncy pop-punk songs and try to get the Belfast crowd going. A few people start jumping and actually show a bit of enthusiasm, but there are a handful of people just stood still unfortunately. Despite this, the band still give a great performance and were a lot of fun to watch. They even managed to get the majority of the room moving by the end of their set, which is never anything but good! 7/10

Save Your Breath Live in Belfast Image 2

Next up on stage are the Californian band Seahaven.

Seahaven Live In Belfast

These guys were a bit of a surprise and definitely not the sort of band you’d expect to see touring with The Story So Far when you hear them. The bouncy room is brought to a stand still. These guys give a fairly slow set in comparison to the other two bands playing tonight, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They don’t have an awful lot of stage presence, but there’s just something so hypnotic about their set.

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So much emotion is put into their songs which still makes them a very enjoyable band to watch. Their performance is tight and even a little haunting, but I felt as if they were a bit out of place tonight, even if the music is fantastic. Will definitely be hoping to see them again soon. 8/10

Now it’s time for the band everyone’s been waiting for. The band everyone’s been saving their energy for. The Story So Far take to the stage and open with ‘Right Here’ of their latest album ‘What You Don’t See’.

The Story So Far Live Image 2

The audience might not be huge but damn it they’re loud. Less than two minutes on stage and they already have everyone singing from the top of their lungs. The band play a set full of fan favourites such as ‘Daughters’ and ‘Things I Can’t Change’. Parker comments on how he felt uncomfortable playing on a larger stage than usual as he’s used to more intimate shows, but it really doesn’t show as these guys give a brilliant performance regardless. Whilst this band may be used to playing smaller venues with no barriers, they could easily go down well in larger venues, not to mention the sing-a-longs would be brilliant in a bigger environment!

The set draws to a close with ‘Quicksand’ and an encore of ‘Mt. Diablo’ which sees dozens of bodies get sent over the barrier and leads to another deafening sing-a-long from the diehard crowd. The band sound just as good as they do in the studio and the know how to work a crowd.

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