Tonight Alive - Birmingham Institute - 28th November

The last time Tonight Alive played the Birmingham Institute it was in the small downstairs room. Tonight, they play the main room, a massive feat in itself but this night marks more than that.

The Aussie rockers are greeted by rapturous applause and shrieking screams. Flying straight into The Edge and The Fire there’s no stopping this polished outfit. Jenna McDougall is the full package, she exudes charisma and has the voice to boot, arms swinging and heads-a-banging, her positivity resonates with the crowd of dedicated fans. It’s hard not to notice the blatant chemistry between the band and fans. As previously mentioned, there is more to this night than meets the eye, the last time the band played this venue they had the company of a very unique individual, Stephen Sutton. His astonishing and inspirational story touched the hearts of many, so Jenna recalls the night that her, the band and Stephen spent together, sharing a drink of Jagermiester and dancing in the empty after-show hall. Family in attendance, everybody raises their thumbs in the air as Jenna makes one final tribute, dedicating Ameilia to him. Emotions may be running high but that doesn’t stop the uncaging of rock anthems like What Are You So Scared Of? Introduced by a rousing speech, and finishing the encore with the one and only, The Other Side, inciting sing-a-longs absolutely everywhere.

It’s an easy comparison to make, comparing Tonight Alive to Paramore, but the most notable connection between the two tonight is their shared connection with their fans. It feels like the fans are 100% behind this band, they genuinely believe in the band and what they stand for. It’s been an incredible 2013 and ’14 for Tonight Alive, this show and tour is rapping the year up perfectly for them. 

Thumbs Up For Stephen Sutton!

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