Live Reviews

Live reviews of all kinds of rock & metal shows from across the UK and maybe even mainland Europe and the US too.

Thrash Invasion 2014 at Bristol O2 Live Review

It's the 19th July 2014, and the Trash Invasion Tour hits the Bristol O2. Having Thrashmasters Onslaught & Artillery on the bill already ensures this was going to be a night to remember, then throw in the addition of Nightlord and Demonic Ressurection and the carnage grows expotentially.

Download Festival 2014 Review - Day Three Sunday

Day 3 of Download. The big finale and our last trek around the race track to the arena to another day of awesome music and awesome bands. Sunday (as with previous years) kept to more of a Classic Rock orientated main stage theme and showcased a variety of different acts from Blues Rock to Hard Rock to Rockabilly and everything in between!

Download Festival 2014 Review - Day Two Saturday

Day 2 of Download had lots to offer for the Metal-heads – particularly on a Metalcore front and for those who like it on the extreme side. There was plenty in store for the rockers too across the stages and, of course, the highly anticipated performance of Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory in full!

Download Festival 2014 Review - Day One Friday

Lovers of Rock and Metal made the annual “pilgrimage” to the hallowed Donington Park grounds for the twelfth edition of Download Festival. When the scribes team (and friends) weren't dominating the dodgems in the campsite village, we were moshing around like maniacs across all of the festival stages