ArnoCorps Start The Fantastic Tour UK In Support Of The Fantastic EP

ArnoCorps are due to start their UK tour, 'The Fantastic Tour' in Manchester today, in support of their new EP 'The Fantastic EP'. In a little over a week, ArnoCorps will have brought their audio assault across most of the UK giving an rare occasion to check in with one of the most fun bands to see live.  Check out the tour dates and locations below and if at all possible - get to a gig, you won't regret it!

The band recently allowed fans to dictate the budget for their latest EP by running a Kickstarter campaign to cover the costs, showing how dedicated a hardcore fanbase the band have, they brought in support of approximately $16k. This allowed the band to work with Grammy Award winning Producer/Engineer Michael Rosen.... and The Fantastic EP was born.

If you're new to the band then you can grab their earlier releases at one of the gigs, and check out the video below for a sneak peek into what you have in store when you go to an ArnoCorps gig.  It's customary to go in full on combat gear, with a large amount of camo paint, and if possible, a steely assed stubbly chin (for that extra slice of hero pie!).

The ArnoCorps tour dates are as follows:

Thursday 24th July - Sound Control,  Manchester BUY TICKETS

Friday 25th July - Fibber Magees, Dublin 

Saturday 26th July - The Speakeasy, QUBSU, Belfast BUY TICKETS

Sunday 27th July - The Classic Grand, Glasgow BUY TICKETS

Tuesday 29th July  - The Asylum, Birmingham BUY TICKETS

Thursday 31st July - The Racehorse, Northampton BUY TICKETS

Friday 1st August - Exchange, Bristol BUY TICKETS

Saturday 2nd August - The Underworld, London BUY TICKETS

You can find out more about Arnocorps at their website:

arnocorps art picture


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