Black Sabbath Are Coming To Get You

That sound you hear is the rummbling of scared Bats and chugging riffs.

Recently we got treated to a 27 second snippet from a track from the new Black Sabbath Album "13".
Along with the Video Trailer we have the front cover of the new album which is due to be released on June 11th 2013.

It has been 35 years since Sabbath and Ozzy have recorded together. This long awaited album was recorded during a most testing time for the band when Guitarist Tony Iommi was diagnosed and treated for Lymphoma. As of January this year the treatment has been a success.

13 is produced by world renowned producer Rick Rubin and features Brian Wilk (Rage Against The Machine) on Drums.

Track titles for the new album include:

  • God Is Dead
  • End of the Beginning
  • Age of Reason
  • Dear Father
  • Loner
  • Epic
  • Methademic

Interesting titles we think, let us know in the comments what you think

You can pre order 13 at by clicking HERE


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Paul always wanted to be a rock star but his fingers were to short to play guitar and he couldn't get his hands and feet quite coordinated enough to be a drummer. No one wanted to hear him sing so now he writes about things he only wishes he could do.