Black Stone Cherry Sell Out UK Tour

Kentucky rockers Black Stone Cherry begin their UK tour today, Norwich being the first town to get some sweet Cherry Pie (luckily without the Warrant!).

We'd normally be urging people to rush out and grab a ticket as BSC are one of the best live acts, with finely honed performances, matured through a seemingly non-stop touring schedule - however on this occasion we will simply say don't bother. If you haven't got your ticket, then it's a night in with your pipe and slippers. 

In these days of financial frugality, it's rare that an entire tour will sell out, so a massive congratulations should be in order for the guys in BSC - it would appear that you've done something right here in the UK.  Adding the milestone that BSC have been added to the Friday line-up on the Apollo stage at Sonisphere this year (KISS night), this is yet another indicator that BSC are hitting the sweet spot. 

To whet your appetites some more, or maybe just to rub your face (if you haven't got a ticket) in the sheer brilliance that is a Black Stone Cherry night, check out this fan video of them live at Wembley last November supporting Alter Bridge. 

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