Bloodstock 2014: Last Chance For Tickets

That time of year has arrived, it's Bloodstock Open Air 2014 time!  While many booked their tickets as soon as they were unleashed, there are still some of us that are undecided! Well there's good news and bad news!

The good news is there are still tickets available so you can get your moshy little butts down to Catton Park in Derbyshire for a weekend of debaucherous debauchery, the bad news is there aren't many left! So get decided and get on down to the the moshfest that is Bloodstock.

Click here to order your tickets directly on the Bloodstock website, there are even some VIP packages left for those who want to get dirty with a bit of class.

Due to the lateness of your decision making, you'll most likely have to collect you tickets at the box office, but hey - at least it means you can't leave them at home and have to do the walk of shame away from the entrance!

If you still need convincing, watch the following to seal the deal!

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