Bloodstock Open Air 2013 Add Another Four Bands To Festival Lineup

The latest news from the purists choice of metal festivals here in the UK, Bloodstock Open Air 2013 have been busy racking up new bands for their lineup and have added another four, very different artists to their burgeoning metal roster for next year.

Taking one of the prestigious special guest slots, on the Sunday evening this time, will be metal's answer to an Andrew Lloyd Webber / West End extravaganza Avantasia. Tobias Sammet, who is also the lead singer in the power metal band Edguy will be bringing his full metal/opera spectacular to Bloodstock Open Air 2013 as one of a small number of very exclusive European shows in 2013.

Keeping things nice and varied, the other three bands added to the lineup are US deathcore metal band Whitechapel, along with Canadian death metallers Kataklysm, who's members will also be doing double duty in the last band announced, Ex Deo. Ex Deo is a side project of Kataklysm frontman Maurizio Iacono, featuring other members of Kataklysm as well as membes of Blackguard and Martyr.

All of these bands join Lamb of God, King Diamond, Fozzy, Accept, Anthrax, Devildriver, Amorphis, Firewind and many more bands still to be confirmed on the lineup for Bloodstock 2013. Early bird tickets for Bloodstock Open Air 2013 are removed from sale this Friday (14th December 2012), after which time the amount one will pay for a Bloodstock ticket rises from £100 to £125 - so if you can afford it and definitely want to go, snap up your early bird ticket very quickly! Further updates from the Bloodstock Festival will be available here as and when they are announced.

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