Bowling For Soup Special To Air On Team Rock Radio's Punk Show, Greatest Hits Album Out Now

Pop punk bands have a habit of not lasting a particularly long time. But Bowling For Soup are not most bands. The Denton, Texas natives are currently celebrating over two decades as a band and this week has seen the release of their new fan funded Greatest Hits album Songs People Actually Liked - Volume 1 - The First Ten Years (1994 - 2003)
To tie in with the release of Songs People Actually Liked Volume 1 Team Rock Radio's Punk Show, hosted by Matt Stocks is airing a special episode of the show tonight (1st of February / 2nd of February from midnight to 2am). The show focuses on Bowling For Soup's new Greatest Hits album and features in-depth contribution from BFS frontman Jaret Reddick. Anyone who is not able to stay awake for the show will be able to download it from the Team Rock Radio website from sometime on the 2nd of February 2015. Listen to Team Rock Radio online at the following link -
Songs People Actually Liked Volume 1 was released this past week through Brando & Que-So Records following a very successful Pledge Music campaign. A video featuring the members of Bowling For Soup explaining why they decided to make this album can be viewed below. 

Bowling For Soup - Songs People Actually Liked Vol. 1

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