Catch Up With Lamb of God's "Desolation" Video

We know things aren't great in the Lamb of God camp at the moment but one of the best ways to support the band is to continue to enjoy their music. 

With this in mind, we've got their video for Desolation for your enjoyment right here:

Randy Blythe is currently being detained in a Czech prison due to an incident that occured when Lamb of God performed in the Czech Republic a couple of years ago. Latest reports indicate that people close to Randy including Lamb of God's record label are negotiating an increased bail cost for Randy's release. A petition has been set up on the Whitehouse website to show support for Randy and to try and pressure US officials to raise the issue with the Czech Government. Anyone who wants to sign it can view it here:

Lamb of God's most recent album Resolution was released in January on Roadrunner Records. If you haven't got the album already now would be a great time to get it and support the band. 

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