Choose Your Clan For Download 2014 with Festival Facebook Tribes App

Always priding themselves on being involved with the latest technology and trying new things, the Download Festival team have come up with something new and fun for their attendees in 2014. They've launched the Download Tribes Facebook app, which sees players divided into one of four tribes - The Kindred Rebellion, Lethal Chaos, Wayward Nomads and Immense Defiance. Once in a tribe you can discuss all things Download with your fellow tribespeople.
There's also the chance to win prizes and improve things for your tribe through doing various activities such as recruiting new members to the tribe through Facebook. Activities for Download Tribes will continue all the way up to the event itself.
It sounds to us like it could be one of those very addictive things like that Candy Crush Saga malarkey - we've always managed to stay clear of that but we're very interested in Download Tribes. Find out what all the fuss is about at
Download 2014 will see Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park and Aerosmith headline a bill of dozens of rock, metal and alternative acts from the UK, the US and all over the globe. Tickets are still available from the official festival website Stay tuned for further updates on this years' Donington happenings and shenanigans.
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