Circle Takes The Square Release DECOMPOSITIONS: VOLUME 1 Album On Pay What You Want System

A piece of punk rock news for the Christmas period for our readers; After a gap of nearly eight years, the band who are referred to by their PR department as "apocalyptic punk rockers" Circle Takes The Square have made a triumphant return to music with their brand new album, entitled Decompositions: Volume One. The album was released this past Friday (December 21st 2012) through the bands own label Gatepost Recordings. 

Following the example of Radiohead and a few other artists, Circle Takes The Square have adopted a "pay what you want" policy for their fans, so anyone downloading the album can pay however much they can afford or choose to for the album. Decompositions: Volume One is the follow up to Circle Takes The Squares' debut of much promise, 2004's As The Roots Undo. The new album is split into two sections each with its own distinctive narrative behind it. 

Anyone wanting to download the album can do so from the band's bandcamp store at

The tracklisting for Decompositions: Volume One is below:

Chapter I: Rites of Initiation
I. Enter By The Narrow Gates
II. Spirit Narrative
III. Way of Ever-Branching Paths
IV. The Ancestral Other Side

Chapter II: Totem Polaris
V. Prefaced By The Signal Fires
VI. A Closing Chapter (Scarlet Rising)
VII. Singing Vengeance Into Being
VIII. Arrowhead As Epilogue
IX. North Star, Inverted

Any further updates from Circle Takes The Square will be found here as and when they are announced.


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