Cradle Of Filth New Album & Single UK Show Announced

Fans of 'Cradle of Filth' are in for a double pant wetting today, with two big announcements to get the Vampiric juices flowing.

First up we have the release of their 10th studio album, called 'The Manticore & other Horrors' - this now has a release date of Wednesday 31st October. And that's not just any Wednesday folks, it's Halloween! I am foreseeing some ultra black launch parties and extreme costume celebrations to mark the occasion! In true Cradle fashion, the album has a focus on the mythological and downright darker aspects of the (un)reality, but the band are hailing this release as something new. The phrases "heavier & faster" & "current & cruel" have been used to describe is - and we can't wait to get our hands on a copy to see exactly what that means!

Dani Filth explains it like this:

This is our tenth commandment in metal. We have diversified and kept alive the spirit of this band and breathed it into something that I can proudly say, slays like an absolute motherf**ker. The Manticore is coming… Long live the filth!

The second piece of Filthy news is that they are playing a series of shows in Europe (after a long stint in the US), finishing with a single UK show at the Forum in London on 19th December. Some fans will be wondering why a band that originated in the UK are only doing the one show, especially if their not one of the two and a half thousand tickets holders. Regardless the lucky crowd are sure to get an extreme pre-xmas show from CoF & support bands, Godseed and Rotting Christ.

As a taster of what could be in store for the rest of the year, check out a live set from Cradle:

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