Crown The Empire Unveil New Video For Cross Our Bones

Texas natives Crown The Empire are generally always busy, and 2015 has been no exception for them. Since their formation around the turn of the decade, they've put out regular releases and toured extensively. 2015 has been no different, as Crown The Empire have just released an update to their album The Resistance. The Resistance: Deluxe Edition features four brand new songs from the band who were extremely keen to put substantial new material on the release to justify why fans should fork out for something they may have already had. As part of the release of the deluxe edition, Crown The Empire have released a brand new music video for the song Cross Our Bones, which our readers can check out at the bottom of the page.

Crown The Empire vocalist Andy Leo explains his thoughts on the deluxe edition of The Resistance album:
“The idea of a deluxe edition of an album is so convoluted and oversaturated with comments about “doing it for the money” or “trying to make a quick buck,” says vocalist Andy Leo. “Those people pretend like they’re not going stream the album on YouTube or Spotify anyways, but still wanted to take the time to say these things in order to make us feel like this is ALL just based on “business”.”
“The bottom line is, all of the new songs on this album are about ending a chapter of the band creatively. We had been so wrapped up in a story and a world that we created, that we’d forgotten what it was like to just make music for ourselves. So before we head on to the next chapter of this band, we felt it was best that we bring the past to a close. That’s what these songs are. They capture the emotion and freeze a moment in time for our band where we were figuring out what is next for us. For us, these songs are our bridge that lead to the next chapter of the band, and we hope that they can inspire old and new fans alike to join us as we head towards a new beginning. Thank you to everyone that’s been a part of Crown up until this point, and we hope that you’re just as excited for what’s next as we are.”
So now you know the background, please enjoy the video for Cross Our Bones!

Crown The Empire - Cross Our Bones (Official Music Video)

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