Cult Of Luna Premier "Passing Through" Music Video

Legends of the ambient and noise sub-genres of heavy metal, Sweden's Cult Of Luna are loved and respected by many the world over. Their new album Vertikal has received critical acclaim, and now following the album's release is the first music video for a track from Vertikal.

The track Cult Of Luna have selected for the video treatment is "Passing Through". The video for Passing Through was filmed at Säter hospital, formerly the main mental hospital for the whole country. The result is a very powerful video, which you can experience for yourselves at the bottom of this post. 
In a change for Cult Of Luna, Passing Through's vocals were handled by guitarist Fredrik Kihlberg. Kilhberg's efforts clearly impressed bandmate and usual singer Johannes Persson, who said the following about Fredik's performance: 
“You can hear the sensitivity in his voice – just listen and you can hear what he’s communicating. You can feel it. It’s the most honest song I’ve ever heard.”
Kihlberg himself also opened up about his inspirations behind the song Passing Through, adding:
“When we decided to start writing a new COL album and talked about which direction we wanted to go, this was actually the first idea that came to my head, I had this phrase – time is passing me by – in my head, going on repeat, and I thought and I should try to make something out of it. It’s a simple phrase but at the same time a powerful and overwhelming feeling. We wanted this to be a beautiful but at the same time intimidating song.”
Passing Through is the final track from Vertikal, which is available now, having been released January 25th 2013 through Indie Records. 

Cult Of Luna - Passing Through - Official Video

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