Emperor Announced As Bloodstock 2014 Headliners

Last week at Wacken Open Air 2013, arguably metal's most prestigious European festival alongside our own Download festival, the reformation of one of the forefathers of black metal was announced. Emperor have returned, and they are to headline Wacken 2014. Well, the UK is getting it's very own dose of the black metal masters.
A few moments ago, prior to Lamb of God appearing as headliners at Bloodstock 2013, an announcement was made that Emperor will be headlining Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2014.
The Norwegian Black Metallers are highly regarded as leaders of the Black scene (or lifestyle may be more apt) starting their journey in 1991. Living the dream, black metal stylee, founders Samoth and Ihsahn appeared to lead a generation into a darker side of metal. Samoth has a notoriety for burning down churches as a precursor to releasing material, along with other band members ending up in prison for murdering other black metallers.  That aside, the return of such a legendary act has gained them two 2014 headlining slots.
New to Emperor and indeed the black stuff, check out the video below which should give you a good introduction!

Emperor: The Loss And Curse Of Reverence

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