Fearless Vampire Killers To Launch "The Obsidian Bond" Social Network

London based Dark Rockers, Fearless Vampire Killers have announced the release of a brand new fan-orientated social networking site dubbed 'The Obsidian Bond'.  The band has been heavily involved in the development of the unique project which will be unveiled to fans on the 17th July 2014. 

The website is set to offer similar aspects to Facebook, Twitter and other feed based websites which will enable FVK fans to interact with each other in real-time. Fans will also unlock achievement awards as they particpate on the social network. The band will also be streaming their eagerly awaited second album in full exclusively to members on 'The Obsidian Bond'

Commenting on the exciting venture, Vocalist Kier Kemp says:

“We're super excited about this release... I mean this kind of thing has never been done to the extent we're about to do it, apart from maybe “Insane Clown Posse” but ours is certainly more modern! This is for the fans of our band that need to know everything... and believe me when I say I don't think a stone has been left unturned!”

Lead Guitarist Barroné adds:

“I don't actually think I've slept since we had this idea... I'm not even a developer but I've had to take a crash course! I think we're all really proud with what we've come up with though”

So if you're a Fearless Vampire fan be sure to sign up and keep an eye out for further updates! 

Catch the Fearless Vampire Killers at the first ever Alt-Fest this summer in Kettering playing on the Main Stage alongside the likes of Amen and Marilyn Manson.  



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